The struggle to get aid into Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

Whether it’s by land, sea or air, getting essential food and supplies into Gaza since the start of the Israel-Hamas war has been a logistical nightmare. To make up for the backlog in aid, the Israeli government has been allowing more goods from the private sector, but that method, too, has been facing issues.

Closing the Darién Gap with a barbed-wire fence


Out of Eden Walk: Food to power a walk around the world

Out of Eden Walk

How much change can reformist President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian bring to Iran?


Meet Barcelona’s pigeon super-feeders


NATO’s complex history of eastward expansion

Conflict & Justice

The World’s host Carolyn Beeler speaks with NATO historian Mary Sarotte about the timing of the Putin-Modi meeting and other key details surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Meet Antibot4Navalny: the mysterious researchers exposing Russia’s war on truth


An anonymous group of researchers known as Antibot4Navalny are striking a blow against Russian disinformation campaigns by finding and identifying them on Twitter, now known as X. And, as Dina Temple-Raston from the “Click Here” podcast reports, publicizing these Kremlin-backed operations has allowed the group to punch way above its weight.

France sets its sights on the gold medal in blind football at the Paris Paralympics 

Blind football is one of the most-popular sports of the Paralympic games, which kick off in Paris in late August. Brazil has won gold at all previous Paralympic tournaments but host country France is hoping to be in with a chance to take home a medal this year.

An ancient Yemenite delicacy is passed down through generations


Hilbe is Yemenite delicacy made from fenugreek seeds. It’s mentioned in ancient Jewish and historical texts and is said to have many health benefits. One family in Jerusalem shares its love for the special sauce.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon face growing restrictions and deportation

Israel-Hamas war

Thirteen years since Syria’s civil war broke out, Lebanon remains home to the largest Syrian refugee population per capita in the world: roughly 1.5 million people. Now, Lebanese politicians say they must be sent home. Many employers have stopped hiring Syrians for menial jobs. And municipalities have issued new restrictions, even evicting Syrian tenants, according to recent news reports.