How AI is helping to recreate childhood memories

What do you do with a cherished memory that has no record — not even a photo or a video?  This Spanish company, Domestic Data Streamers, might help. They’ve harnessed artificial intelligence to turn fading recollections into visual or “synthetic” memories. The end product isn’t quite a photo — or art. But it’s helping people reconnect with their pasts.

EU threatens to shut down popular app that pays users to watch videos

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Inside the i-Soon papers and China’s secret world of hackers-for-hire

A view of the process on a montior as lab staff use a microscope stand and articulated hand controls to extract cells from 1-7 day old embryos that are then checked for viability at the Aspire Houston Fertility Institute in vitro fertilization lab in Hous

Why an international court struck down Costa Rica’s IVF ban

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Spyware found on phones in Jordan

Illustration by Megan J. Goff

Threat-hunter says Iran is stepping up the sophistication of its cyberattacks


In the months since the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, Iran has increased its cyber-hacking operations, according to Gil Messing, the chief of staff at Tel Aviv-based Check Point Software. The “Click Here” podcast talks to Messing about the latest.

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China’s dominant role in producing hacking bugs

Global Security

The art of hacking has become stealthier and smarter over the years. Chinese hackers can hide the code they use to infiltrate systems worldwide. These include vulnerabilities that attackers can use to sneak into a computer network. Exploits allow them to start stealing data once they are inside. “Click Here’s” Dina Temple-Raston reports on how they can do this.

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Wheelchair tours show Colombia’s Medellín from a different perspective

In Colombia, one company is introducing visitors to the city of Medellín by taking them around on wheelchairs that are pulled by electric handbikes and can reach speeds of about 25 mph. The tours are led by people with disabilities and are part of a broader effort to make the city more accessible to all, led by a very persistent businessman. Manuel Rueda reports.

Åsa Koski started the Säg hej! campaign in Sweden to get people to interact more with each other to combat widespread loneliness.

The ‘Say Hi’ campaign in Sweden is helping to combat loneliness


Åsa Koski, a social strategist with the Luleå municipality in northern Sweden, started the Säg hej! (“Say hi!”) campaign to try and get people to interact more with each other to combat widespread loneliness.

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Saving Ukraine’s cultural heritage with a click


Since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has been bombing uniquely Ukrainian cultural sites. Preservationists are using “photogrammetry” — the act of deriving precise measurements from taking overlapping photos and rendering them in three dimensions. Dina Temple-Raston, the host of “Click Here,” was recently in Ukraine and met those working to preserve the country’s heritage — on their phones.