Kalush Orchestra brings Ukrainian folk music to the world stage


Kalush Orchestra has a unique sound that blends rap with traditional Ukrainian folk music. In 2022, the band, representing Ukraine, won Eurovision. The victory was a huge boost for a country at war and propelled the band to massive success. From Kyiv, The World’s Daniel Ofman speaks with the group’s flute player about how he went from folk music aficionado to arena rockstar.

Screenshot of a video of Sudanese male singers.

Sudan Tapes Archive preserves music across decades and continents

Screenshot from Rapémathematiques

What rhymes with isosceles triangle? This French math teacher has the answer.

The 2015 Kennedy Center Honors Honorees, including conductor Seiji Ozawa, stand on stage during a reception for them in the East Room of the White House, Dec. 6, 2015.

Renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa is remembered as ‘graceful,’ ‘supernaturally’ gifted

musicians onstage

International Guitar Night shows off diverse styles and sounds from across the globe

Haiti's annual PapJazz Festival brings together local and international audiences for rich and diverse musical experiences.

‘It’s an act of resistance’: Haiti’s jazz festival opens in Port-au-Prince despite security challenges

Arts, Culture & Media

This week, jazz fans in Haiti will once again gather for the 17th annual PapJazz Festival. The event draws enthusiasts from across the island, as well as international jazz aficionados. Festival organizer Milena Sandler says the gathering in Port-au-Prince is “an act of resistance” amid security and economic challenges in Haiti.

The Estonian folk music quartet 6hunesseq performs during Tallinn Music Week. From left to right, Marion Selgall, Greta Liisa Grünberg, Maria Mänd and Kaisa Kuslapuu.

All-women Estonian quartet brings ancient folk music to the forefront

The small Baltic nation of Estonia is experiencing a folk music renaissance, with young musicians bringing traditional songs and instruments to the forefront in an attempt to reassert a unique Estonian identity and keep the country’s ancient heritage alive.

Clarissa Bitar plays the oud, a classic string instrument.

How the oud brought this Palestinian American musician closer to their culture, family and history


For Palestinians in the diaspora, staying connected to their ancestral home and making sense of the politics in the region has long been a challenge. Meklit Hadero, host of “Movement,” a series on music and migration, spoke with Clarissa Bitar, a Palestinian American who found that a musical instrument could bridge history and great distance.

Black and white photo of a Cuban tres instrument

The first Cuban tres players at Berklee

Arts, Culture & Media

The national instrument of Cuba, the tres is gaining some attention in the US. For the very first time, Berklee College of Music in Boston admitted two students of Cuban tres this year.

A pink sign in the forefront of a largely female crowd that reads in Spanish "Swiftie No Vota Milei"

In Argentina, ‘Swifties Don’t Vote For Milei’


Just days before the presidential elections in Argentina, Taylor Swift fans wanted to make sure their voices were heard. Pink posters with the caption: “Swifties Don’t Vote for Milei” were spotted all around the country’s biggest stadium, where the pop star recently performed three sold-out concerts. Javier Milei is a far-right libertarian candidate who has proposed radical changes if elected.