‘They’ve hidden the past from us’: New bill in Honduras seeks to rectify 1980s human rights violations

Human rights

In Honduras, family members of the victims of state violence in the 1980s have been marching for 40 years to demand justice for the disappearance and death of their loved ones. Now, there’s a chance they may see reparations. An unprecedented bill that would provide compensation for the family members of the victims is working its way through Congress.

Taiwan’s new president is facing a political minefield

Global Politics

Migrants take to social media to document their risky journey to the US


‘Dönerflation’: Outcry in Germany over rising cost of döner kebab

Darjeeling is nestled amid lush tea gardens and overlooking the snow-capped Himalayas in India’s northeast. But landscapes like these pose challenges while conducting elections.

What it takes to pull off the world’s largest election in India


Women voters expected to play significant role in India’s general election


A multiweek general election is underway in India and more women are taking part in it than ever before. Nearly half of the electorate is expected to be female. The country’s political parties are now running campaign ads targeted toward women to win over this crucial voting bloc.

Russia’s wartime production fuels its economy 

Conflict & Justice

Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from some of their positions in the Donetsk region as Russian troops have advanced. Military production has increased significantly in Russia as one of the anchors of its wartime economy, which is projected to grow over the next year, despite heavy international sanctions. 

As Haiti teeters, the US government resumes deportations

Conflict & Justice

The United Nations has described the current state of government and society in Haiti as “cataclysmic,” as armed gangs have seized control of much of the country. Haiti has managed to create a transitional council of former and current officials, religious leaders, and at least one businessman, to chart a course toward government stability and elections. Despite the dangerous situation, the Biden administration has resumed deportations of undocumented Haitians from the United States. The World’s Carol Hills talks with Harold Isaac, an independent reporter in Haiti, about what’s happening.

The largest election in the world begins in India


Voting begins on Friday in India in what’s being called the largest-election ever in recorded history. Almost 1 billion people are eligible to vote in the election, which will happen over the next six weeks. President Narendra Modi is likely to be reelected for a rare, third term, despite concerns about the growing Hindu nationalist movement he represents, and high unemployment. The World’s Carolyn Beeler spoke with journalist Sushmita Pathak, who talked to voters at the polls in the city of Jaipur.

Three people cross a ravine as they walk through a forest with water bottles and backpacks.

‘I’ll go for the American dream’: After struggling to get legal status in Colombia, many Venezuelan migrants are heading to the US


For years, Colombia has been the main destination for Venezuelans escaping their nation’s humanitarian crisis. But that’s changing as Colombia’s government makes it harder for them to get residency permits.