Yang Meng teaching her Yiddish language class at Peking University.

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Korean pop culture inspires a Korean-language learning boom at US universities

The demand for language courses on US college campuses typically has reflected global shifts. Today, universities report that Korean-language classes fill up as soon as they add them and there are long wait-lists. And it’s all attributed to a surge of interest in Korean pop culture.

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International students weigh in on hurdles and successes of studying in the US

Students in black caps and gowns holding inflatable globes in the air

High fees paid by international students help US universities balance their books

The back of a group of students in black gowns and graduation caps.

The World’s 2024 education special: The price of higher ed 

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How a US education is already paying off for some

Job seeker Johannes Oveida looks over a brochure at a job fair at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, March 7, 2024. 

Open secret: Some international students in the US are going hungry

Community colleges are an attractive option for international students, in part, because they’re a fraction of the cost of four-year universities. But higher nonresident tuition fees, ineligibility for state or federal aid and limited options for work can still generate sticker shock for people when they arrive in the US.

Many parts of the United States are desperately in need of doctors, especially in rural and medically underserved areas.

Virginia bill would give alternate licensing path to foreign doctors

Many highly skilled doctors who have the necessary qualifications are struggling to find work in the United States, even though there is a real need for them in some places.

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After Florida passes laws to limit Chinese influence in higher ed, this university is cutting its ties with China

Florida International University has cut ties with multiple Chinese academic partners and ended successful dual programs it’s operated in China for years. Officially, the move is to comply with a state law that limits public agencies having a relationship with seven “countries of concern.” University trustees remain tight-lipped about the decision, but WLRN’s Danny Rivero reports that these university programs appear to be victims of anti-Chinese rhetoric in Florida.

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Glitches prevent students with undocumented immigrant parents from applying for college

The Department of Education released the revised Free Application for Federal Student Aid last December. The new version was supposed to make applying for financial help easier. Instead, a glitch has prevented students whose parents don’t have social security numbers from completing the application. WBEZ reporter Lisa Kurian Philip spoke to three high school seniors in the Chicago area who are worried that unless there is a fix soon, they won’t be able to afford to go to college.

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Texas A&M is shutting down its Qatar campus amid charges of a disinformation campaign

In the two decades since Texas A&M opened a campus in Doha, there have been plenty of challenges, including ongoing conflicts in the region. The school also faced criticisms because it operated under the autocratic Qatari government and censorship is common. But the partnership brought in millions of dollars and the campus flourished. So, Qataris were stunned when the Texas A&M Board of Regents voted to close the school in part because of “instability” in the region.