Migrants say crossing Mexico has become increasingly challenging


Mexican authorities have increased efforts to impede the transit of migrants arriving at the southern US border in response to requests by the Biden administration.

Israelis mark 6 months since attacks in the south of the country

Israel-Hamas war

US National Security Council spokesman on heightened tensions between Iran and Israel: ‘We don’t want to see this conflict widen and deepen’

Israel-Hamas war

Ukraine faces artillery and air defense shortages

The Red Dress night honored murdered and missing Indigenous women, and girls, Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ people in Canada and worldwide.

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Parents of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin speak up about latest deal to get him home

Israel-Hamas war

The biggest issue in Israel today is the fate of the 133 hostages still held captive in Gaza. Israel says, according to military intelligence, 33 of them are dead. Demonstrators have held sit-ins, marches and protests almost every day over the past six months demanding their return. The World’s Marco Werman spoke with Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin, the parents of 23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin, who was taken hostage on Oct. 7. They have just returned from a trip to the US where they met with top officials.

‘We have to cut back on everything’: Palestinian farmers in West Bank say water is in short supply

Israel-Hamas war

As Israel’s war in Gaza continues, its impact on the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories of the West Bank can be felt acutely in terms of water access. The World’s host Marco Werman visited one Palestinian farming area just outside the city of Ramallah to learn more. 

‘Sacred refuge:’ This cultural center provides a safe space for Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem

Israel-Hamas war

FeelBeit is an event space and bar in Jerusalem that brings together Palestinian and Israeli artists to share the stage. Before Oct. 7, 2023, this was already a difficult thing to do. But after, it’s been almost impossible. FeelBeit closed for a while but realized that it was important to reopen their doors. The World’s Marco Werman went there to see what it’s all about.

‘There’s always a day after’: Former chief of staff in Israeli air force talks about an endgame in Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

Since the Hamas attacks of Oct. 7 last year, many Israelis have been unhappy and even angry that Prime Minister Netanyahu hasn’t brought home the hostages. There’s also a feeling among many in the military that there’s no strategy for the war in Gaza. That is a problem for former Chief of Staff in Israel’s air force Nimrod Sheffer. The World’s Marco Werman sat down with Sheffer in his home on the outskirts of Jerusalem to get his thoughts on the war in Gaza.

‘We need to fix the country’: Israelis ponder a post-war future 

Conflict & Justice

US President Joe Biden says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making a “mistake” with his approach to Gaza. More than 70% of Israeli respondents of a recent survey said Netanyahu should either resign now, or as soon as the war in Gaza ends. The World’s Matthew Bell is in Jerusalem and he’s been speaking with Israelis about how they’re thinking of the post-war future.