Kalush Orchestra brings Ukrainian folk music to the world stage


Kalush Orchestra has a unique sound that blends rap with traditional Ukrainian folk music. In 2022, the band, representing Ukraine, won Eurovision. The victory was a huge boost for a country at war and propelled the band to massive success. From Kyiv, The World’s Daniel Ofman speaks with the group’s flute player about how he went from folk music aficionado to arena rockstar.

Russia’s wartime production fuels its economy 

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‘Patriots’: A play about 1990s Russia debuts on Broadway


Ukraine faces artillery and air defense shortages


Ukrainian firefighter speaks about ‘constant stress’ of being a first responder

Police officers walk near the Basmanny District Court in Moscow, Russia, Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Politics over intelligence: Crocus Hall shooting in Moscow raises security concerns


Russia is mourning the deadly attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue outside Moscow, on Friday, March 22. Despite many unanswered questions about the attack, the Kremlin is already forming a narrative that will likely have severe political and security implications. 

A US Abrams Tank is part of NATO military excercises at the Ādaži military base, outside of Riga, Latvia.

‘We have to prepare’: NATO conducts biggest military exercises since Cold War


Across Europe, the NATO military alliance is conducting its largest exercise since the Cold War, with tens of thousands of troops from 32 countries taking part. NATO officials and European leaders warn that a direct conflict with Russia is becoming an increasing threat.

A screenshot from "Ukrainian children thrive in Minnesota after losses in the Russian invasion two years ago," on YouTube. 

Ukrainian children thrive in Minnesota after losses in the Russian invasion 2 years ago


Artem Fedorenko, 10, has faced many challenges in the past two years since Russia invaded his home country of Ukraine. The fourth grader is missing his left arm, an injury from a bomb. He came to Minnesota with his mother to receive a prosthetic in late 2022. Rice Lake Elementary School in Maple Lake has welcomed over two dozen Ukrainian students like Artem, who are now learning to adjust to life in the US.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures while speaking during an interview with a Russian state-owned media organization in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

Russians have ‘limited ability’ to monitor a presidential election that favors Putin. Some are still trying.


Russia is holding presidential elections on March 15, and results are nearly a given. Vladimir Putin has been in power in Russia since 1999 — as president or prime minister — and he’s looking to secure his fifth term in office. Yet, some Russians are still trying to monitor the elections to point out various irregularities and falsifications.

 Former combat medic Hector Bernal trains soldiers in tactical medicine at his center outside Bogotá. Bernal says he’s trained more than 20 soldiers who have gone to Ukraine recently.

Colombian army veterans join Ukraine’s army — motivated by financial need


Hundreds of Colombians have recently enlisted in Ukraine’s military, as it tries to replenish its forces after months of heavy losses on the frontlines. But many are not going for ideological reasons.