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‘Our community is terrified’: A faith leader talks about what it means to be a Palestinian Christian in the US

Israel-Hamas war

Pastor Khader Khalilia is one of the few Palestinian Christian faith leaders in the United States. He talks to The World’s host, Marco Werman, about what it’s been like to lead a church in the US, especially during the past nine months of war in Gaza.

US authorities arrest a former Syrian official in Los Angeles

Conflict & Justice

Millions of Venezuelans living abroad will be unable to vote in upcoming presidential election

shot of Masha Gessen at a book event in New York

‘I will probably never be able to go home again’: Russian American journalist Masha Gessen on their Moscow court conviction 

Conflict & Justice

For many across the globe, the US’ ‘beacon’ of democracy dims

US politics

‘Nowhere in Gaza is safe,’ aid worker says

Israel-Hamas war

The World’s host, Carolyn Beeler, speaks with Hassan Morajea, a regional access adviser with the Norwegian Refugee Council, about the dire situation in Gaza following more Israeli airstrikes.

Syrians in Cyprus live in limbo as government pauses asylum process

Israel-Hamas war

The government of Cyprus declared a “migrant emergency” in April after more than 2,000 people arrived there by sea in the first three months of 2024. That’s compared to just 78 in the same period of 2023. Many are Syrians fleeing war and economic crises in Lebanon, which has been home to more than a million refugees since the Syrian civil war started. In Nicosia, Cyprus, the government has stopped processing asylum requests from Syrians, which has left a whole community in limbo. 

The struggle to get aid into Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

Whether it’s by land, sea or air, getting essential food and supplies into Gaza since the start of the Israel-Hamas war has been a logistical nightmare. To make up for the backlog in aid, the Israeli government has been allowing more goods from the private sector, but that method, too, has been facing issues.

Closing the Darién Gap with a barbed-wire fence


Panama has started to build a barbed-wire fence in the Darien jungle between South and Central America. The goal is to stop migrants from reaching the US. But by blocking the trails most frequently used by the migrants, the fence has instead could reroute people on their journeys, pushing them to take dangerous detours.

Out of Eden Walk: Food to power a walk around the world

Out of Eden Walk

National Geographic Explorer Paul Salopek is on a 24,000-mile, transcontinental journey, and he’s traveling the slow way: on foot. In this installment, we learn a bit more about the local foods he’s eaten along the way. He tells host Marco Werman about some of the dishes he’s tasted — from a meat dumpling stew in the Palestinian West Bank, to fresh fruits and vegetables gathered on a Turkish farm, to pizza in rural India.