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UK passes legislation aimed at deterring asylum-seekers

Britain’s Parliament has passed contentious legislation aimed at deterring asylum-seekers from heading to the UK. People arriving via small boats or any other “irregular means” will be deported to Rwanda where their asylum cases will be heard. Also, a new report by the Swiss investigative organization Public Eye says that several popular Nestle products sold […]

Israel’s military intelligence chief Aharon Haliva resigns

The head of military intelligence for Israel, Aharon Haliva, has resigned, saying his directorate failed to alert the military and nation in time to prevent Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack. Also, the US House of Representatives passes another spending package worth $61 billion for Ukraine. Plus, a new play delves into Russian life and the intersection […]

Voting begins in India in world’s largest election

Voting has begun in India in what’s being called the largest election in recorded history. Nearly 1 billion people are eligible to vote in the election, which will happen over the next six weeks. Also, US and Iranian officials confirm an Israeli attack on the Iranian city of Isfahan, which is home to several key […]

Qatar reevaluates role as Gaza war mediator

Qatar has been holding negotiations between Israel and Hamas aimed at securing the release of Israeli hostages and bringing about a ceasefire in Gaza. But those efforts have so far failed and Qatar is taking heat for its role from politicians in Washington. And, British surgeon Dr. Khaled Dawas completed his second trip to Gaza […]

Global weather woes as ‘rain bomb’ strikes Dubai

Heavy rains have dumped more than two years worth of precipitation on Dubai and surrounding nations. It’s in an extreme weather event analysts are linking to climate change. More than five inches of rain fell in 24 hours. And a controversial bishop in Australia is the latest victim of a knife attack. It’s the second-highest […]

What is the US’ role at this moment in the Middle East?

What is the US’ role at this moment in the Middle East, and does the Biden administration hold sway over what comes next? We speak with Retired Admiral John Kirby, who is the spokesman for the National Security Council. Also, Ukraine’s leadership has been calling on the US and other partners to replenish its air […]

Iran attack on Israel over the weekend

Iran used hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles in an unprecedented attack on Israel over the weekend. It’s a turning point in the hostility between the two countries, and in the regional conflict in the Middle East. We have the latest on Israel, Iran and the US role in a deepening crisis as […]

Ongoing efforts to bring home hostages captured by Hamas

Ten years ago on Friday, the militant group Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 young women from a secondary school in Nigeria. A decade later, we hear how things have turned out for those women and their families. Also, The World’s team in Israel has spoken with the parents of an American-Israeli hostage about efforts to […]