George Orwell blog report

The World

Orwell’s blog posts will start on August 9th and the entries will be posted 70 years to the day after Orwell penned them. So in August 1938, Orwell had just returned to England wounded after fighting in the Spanish civil war. this diary entry may seem surprisingly mundane given the carnage Orwell had witnessed in Spain. Not long after, Orwell and his first wife moved to Morocco and the entries spiced up a bit. The Director of the Orwell Prize, the organization that is posting the diary entries, says the diary seemed just like a blog. Just to be clear, these are from Orwell’s personal diary, separate from his political diary�but his attention paid to politics never strays, even in his personal writings. For Orwell’s adopted son, what stands out is Orwell’s economy of language. Orwell always followed rules of simplicity in his writing.

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