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What comes after Hydra, the darknet marketplace that changed everything?


Dina Temple-Raston of the “Click Here” podcast spoke with Niko Vorobyov, the Russian author of Dopeworld and Kim Grauer, director of research at Chainalysis and an expert in cryptocurrency economics and crime, about Hydra, its closure in April and who or what is likely to replace it.

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How social media has changed society

Science & Technology
People walk with a banner that reads: "Great Russia, Free internet".

The Russian government has even more control of the internet now

A strip of closed offices and empty sidewalk with a single woman waiting for offices to open.

Zimbabwe’s internet crackdown shows the ‘economic sabotage’ of shutdowns

A woman holds a sign in Russian that says "I'm against censorship."

New internet laws in Russia — and US tech giants’ acquiescence — spell trouble for dissenting voices


Listening Post

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The internet is perpetually throbbing with new data and images and ideas in endless new permutations. Artists Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin are trying to see andhear what all that adds up to.

Ninjas Are Awesome

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The Official Ninja web page is part spectacle, part performance, and, in large part — adolescent. Every visitor to the site asks the same question — could this possibly be for real? (Originally aired: May 2, 2002)

That’s Intertainment

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Microsoft recently announced a deal with TV producer Ben Silverman to create original, professional, big-budget entertainment programming for the Web. Kurt asks Silverman what TV on the www will look like.

Pharrell’s Sweet Tears, X-Files Tweet-union and More

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Here are the five unmissable things the internet gave us this week: A perfect pop song, an unbelievable drawing, and a good long cry.

Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

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This week in “Thanks, Internet” — Google Street Art, a short film you wish was longer, an uplifting song about death, a slapstick take on the “First Kiss” video, and the best bootleg …