Surf’s up on Munich’s Eisbach river — the world capital of river surfing

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It may be hundreds of miles away from any coastline but the Bavarian capital of Munich is home to one of the world’s most iconic — albeit dangerous — waves. The Eisbach wave, which sits on the edge of the Eisbach river, has been attracting wetsuit-wearing surfers since the 1970s.

How AI is helping to recreate childhood memories

Capitalists Anonymous: Weary French seek help in buying and polluting less

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Kalush Orchestra brings Ukrainian folk music to the world stage


This Paris suburb gets a facelift amid controversy ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games

Summer Olympics 2024

EU threatens to shut down popular app that pays users to watch videos

Arts, Culture & Media

The European Commission is calling the new TikTok Lite app “toxic as cigarettes.” It’s a spin-off from the makers of the original TikTok, that pays people to watch videos. The EC says it was launched without regard for risks of addiction, or safeguards against children using it. Now they’re threatening to suspend it.

Out of Eden Walk: Walking Across Anatolia

Out of Eden Walk

National Geographic Explorer Paul Salopek tells host Carolyn Beeler what it was like to walk 700 miles across the plains of eastern Turkey, historically called Anatolia, a land that connects Europe with Asia. The war in neighboring Syria and thousands of years of conflict and conquest quietly echo through this peaceful, pastoral land.

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Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival grows even larger


Music festivals are ever-expanding enterprises, adding new locations and dates, even if they’re repeating the same line-up.

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The hacker Bassterlord in his own words: Portrait of an access broker as a young man


He started off doing simple phishing attacks. But the Russian, who is known as Bassterlord, soon graduated to planting ransomware in emails, holding companies’ data hostage. And he quickly became one of the best. In her exclusive interview with the hacker, Dina Temple-Raston of the “Click Here” podcast delves into the ransomware underworld.

Ukrainian Eurovision contestant TVORCHI band performs at a concert before departure to the Eurovision contest

Liverpool steps in to host Eurovision Song Contest


Last year’s winners from Ukraine are unable to host in-country this year due to ongoing conflict with Russia, so Liverpool is stepping in. To learn more about it, The World’s Carol Hills spoke to Dr. Eurovision, himself, Paul Jordan.