Taiwan’s new president is facing a political minefield

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China is holding military drills around the island of Taiwan this week, just following the inauguration of a new president who advocates for a more robust defense against China. Meanwhile, the political parties in Taiwan are sharply divided, leading to legislative gridlock. From Taipei, Ashish Valentine reports that tens of thousands of people are hitting the streets in a series of protests.

Migrants take to social media to document their risky journey to the US


Gaza war is putting Egyptian-Israeli relations to the test

Israel-Hamas war
Darjeeling is nestled amid lush tea gardens and overlooking the snow-capped Himalayas in India’s northeast. But landscapes like these pose challenges while conducting elections.

What it takes to pull off the world’s largest election in India


The largest election in the world begins in India


Ukraine faces artillery and air defense shortages


The country has begun rationing artillery on the front lines as Congress prepares to vote on a stalled military aid package for Ukraine. It’s also increasingly exposed to Russian aerial attacks as it awaits further support from its partners. The World’s Daniel Ofman reports from Riga, Latvia, on how this affects Ukraine’s war efforts and morale.

Parents of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin speak up about latest deal to get him home

Israel-Hamas war

The biggest issue in Israel today is the fate of the 133 hostages still held captive in Gaza. Israel says, according to military intelligence, 33 of them are dead. Demonstrators have held sit-ins, marches and protests almost every day over the past six months demanding their return. The World’s Marco Werman spoke with Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin, the parents of 23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin, who was taken hostage on Oct. 7. They have just returned from a trip to the US where they met with top officials.

‘We have to cut back on everything’: Palestinian farmers in West Bank say water is in short supply

Israel-Hamas war

As Israel’s war in Gaza continues, its impact on the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories of the West Bank can be felt acutely in terms of water access. The World’s host Marco Werman visited one Palestinian farming area just outside the city of Ramallah to learn more. 

Large group of Indian farmers sitting on a green ground outside

‘We are helpless’: Protesting farmers in India pose challenges — and demands — to Modi

With polls opening this month in India, farmers are angry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In 2021, Modi made a rare concession by repealing farm laws after they were met with massive months-long protests in Delhi. Now, farmers are returning to the streets. Sushmita Pathak reports from Delhi that the main demand now is guaranteed crop prices.

close-up shot of Honduran President Castro wearing a mask

Honduras’ first female leader faces tough times


A year and a half into her administration, many say Xiomara Castro has yet to live up to expectations. But as Honduras’ first female president, those expectations are higher than usual. Much of the criticism against Castro comes from machismo and gender discrimination. She’s just one of two female heads of state of a Latin American country.