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Viral Video Gets Norwegian Kicker NFL Tryout


Our Geo Quiz today takes us to two locations. The first is the home of the NFL’s New York Jets. The second location is a city in southwest Norway.

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Why German Thrillers are Not Popular in US

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Colombia Sets Sight on ‘Green Gold’

Film Shows 1965 Coup from the Killers’ Perspective

Schwarzkopf Legacy in Middle East is Mixed

Holly, Tea, and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Top Wikipedia in 2012

The World in Words

Swedish software engineer Johan Gunnarsson has published a list of the most popular Wikipedia pages in 2012, language by language. The top articles offer some surprises.

China to Increase Internet Restrictions

The Chinese government has said it will impose even tighter restrictions on internet usage. This won’t just impact individual Chinese web surfers. It could also impact American companies that do business in China.

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The Growing Problem of Anti-Semitism in France

Lifestyle & Belief

France is home to Western Europe’s biggest Jewish and Muslim populations. Tensions have been rising since last March, when a man named Mohamed Merah killed seven people – including three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse. The Merah case is extreme, but among an alarming number of anti-Semitic attacks across France this year.

‘Music Time in Africa’ Founder Leo Sarkisian Retires

Global Politics

The man who founded Voice of America’s “Music Time in Africa” program retired this past fall after 47 years on air at the age of 91.

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Remembering Thunderbirds Creator Gerry Anderson

Arts, Culture & Media

British TV-producer Gerry Anderson died recently. Anderson created a series of shows for kids in the 1960s, including Thunderbirds.