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More people are running marathons than ever before. Why?

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Marathons around the world are filling up fast, and many are setting new records for participation. Runners and race directors across the globe share about why they choose to lace up.

A woman in a black shirt holds up her arm on which there is a tattooed number.

Why some descendants of Holocaust survivors choose to replicate a loved one’s Auschwitz tattoo

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‘I just got completely blasted by love’: People in the UK attest to the ways that spirituality is evolving 

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Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is interviewed by Neil Cavuto.

Henry Kissinger leaves lasting — and controversial — foreign policy legacy

A couple embrace during a protest in Trafalgar Square, London, Sunday, Oct. 22, 2023. They are demanding the release of all hostages allegedly taken by the militant group Hamas.

‘A link with my ancestors’: Britons reconnect with Jewish roots for EU passports

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Hundreds gather at a rally outside New Scotland Yard demanding police to do more to protect London's Jewish citizens.

Jewish London on edge amid spike in antisemitic attacks

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Police in London report that antisemitic attacks increased by more than 1,350% in the first two weeks of October, amid war between Israel and Hamas. The country’s small, close-knit Jewish community is saying the British government isn’t doing enough to protect them.

People demonstrate in Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington, June 30, 2023.

Student loans can be ‘simple’ and ‘automatic.’ Other countries offer lessons to the US.

The price of higher ed

In the US, interest on student loans started accruing again on Sept. 1. Soon, more than 40 million borrowers will have to resume their payments. The US is an outlier when it comes to high tuition and the debts that students take on.

The Crooked House before it got demolished.

Demise of ‘Crooked House’ pub is cautionary tale about loss of British heritage


The mysterious demolition of a lopsided 18th-century pub in England has infuriated the local community and raised questions about the loss of British heritage and the demise of the country’s famous pub culture.

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Calls for UK to welcome Sudanese refugees the same way as Ukrainians

After the war started in Ukraine last year, the UK created several programs to welcome Ukrainian refugees. British families received stipends to welcome them into their homes, and the Ukrainians had special status to live and work in Britain. But Sudanese refugees fleeing the civil war do not have a quick, legal path to enter the UK, even if they have family there.

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Thousands of Ukrainians in the UK face homelessness after warm welcome


​​​​​​​After the war began in Ukraine last year, Ukrainians fleeing the violence spread across Europe. In the UK, a program paid families to take Ukrainians into their homes for six months. But the budget for this program was cut in half this year, and thousands of Ukrainians are looking for a longer-term solution, and risk becoming homeless.