Taiwanese butterfly migration

The World

I’m at an intersection of a major highway and it’s the frontlines of the battle to try and protect the Crow butterflies. This is the second year that national authorities have shut down highways to protect the butterflies, at a cost of around $83,000 US dollars. This government official said he thinks it is money well spent to give the butterflies protection. Authorities will close a section about one mile long alone the outer lanes of the highway when the number of butterflies reaches more than 500 per minute. They will also set up safety nets on the outer lines which encourage the insects to fly higher above the traffic. They also plant trees along the highway to serve as butterfly rest areas. This teacher at a local school has come with his students to take a look. There’s little sign of butterflies when I visit the roadway, but when I visit a nearby farm, there are thousands. The loss of the butterflies’ natural habitat from the building of roadways and other construction is the main contribution to a drop in their numbers but environmentalists think these moves by the government are actions in the right direction.

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