Taiwan’s new president is facing a political minefield

Global Politics

China is holding military drills around the island of Taiwan this week, just following the inauguration of a new president who advocates for a more robust defense against China. Meanwhile, the political parties in Taiwan are sharply divided, leading to legislative gridlock. From Taipei, Ashish Valentine reports that tens of thousands of people are hitting the streets in a series of protests.

A North Korean refugee offers a different view of his home country from the other side of the DMZ

The largest election in the world begins in India


Out of Eden Walk: Walking Across Anatolia

Out of Eden Walk
Students come out of a building, some with their hands in the air from relief, as a police officer looks on

TV show turns parents’ anxiety over college exams in China into entertainment

People walk past a board full of pictures celebrating AAPI heritage month

Students push for adding Asian American history to school curriculums across the US


Asian Americans face growing discrimination over COVID-19, but racism against the community in the US is nothing new. Now, students are pushing for better representation in the classroom.

Military tanks pass by a building featuring traditional Chinese architecture.

Misusing culture in international politics: Part I

Critical State

Neoconservative intellectuals have long turned perceptions of East Asian culture into ammunition for a global political agenda, according to historian Jennifer Miller. Critical State takes a deep dive into Miller’s new article that charts these patterns.

Then-National Security Adviser John Bolton listens as US President Donald Trump holds a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, DC, on April 9, 2018.

John Bolton: Trump doesn’t understand ‘the gravity of responsibility’

Trump administration

The former White House national security adviser tells The World’s host Marco Werman that the president is not “very well informed,” which means he “doesn’t really see the bigger-picture implications.”

A helmeted head is blurry in the foreground, behind it, a line of protesters on a balcony

The problem with offers of citizenship to those fleeing Hong Kong

Global Politics

Physicist Yangyang Cheng was born in mainland China and took advantage of a visa program a decade ago to come to the United States to study. She says she’s troubled by the language politicians and governments are using to promote resettlement policies for Hong Kong residents.

Two young women with headbands hold face masks at the Shanghai Disneyland theme park as it reopens following a shutdown due to the coronavirus disease

Millennials in China reexamine their spending habits as economy recovers

Millennials in China have been known to be big spenders. But as the Chinese economy recovers from a coronavirus-induced slowdown, many young people are reexamining their lives and their spending habits.