Floodwaters in southern Brazil remain a threat​​


Large parts of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil are still waterlogged three weeks after heavy rains flooded the state. Local and federal governments have promised to rebuild homes and businesses. But people are still digging out and, as Michael Fox reports, more rain is in the forecast.

Heavy flooding in Brazil’s south creates havoc for residents

Out of Eden Walk: Walking Tbilisi

Out of Eden Walk

The largest election in the world begins in India

a group of tourists take photos of the birds perched on the balcony rails

Macaws lighten things up in Venezuela’s capital, and form a special bond with residents

A person in all black walks past a logo at the media center ahead of the COP28 U.N. Climate Summit.

Confidence in UN climate talks at a low point ahead of COP28 in Dubai


Optimism soared after the Paris Agreement was established in 2015. But progress at UN climate talks since then has been incremental at best.

Panelist for the online event on the environmental impact of the war in Ukraine.

LIVE Event: The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine


Join The World’s Carolyn Beeler for a conversation with Ukrainian environmental scientist Kateryna Polyanska and Doug Weir from The Conflict and Environment Observatory.

Left to right: Streets are flooded in Kherson, Ukraine, Wednesday, June 7, 2023 after the walls of the Kakhovka dam collapsed; Screen shot form video; Vehicles on fire at an oil depot after missiles struck the facility in an area controlled by Russian-bac

VIDEO: The environmental impact of the war in Ukraine


Damages to the environment are widespread and will continue to impact Ukrainians for decades to come.

A tree in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve.

Climate change is rapidly shifting Costa Rica’s sensitive ecosystems

Climate Change

The tiny Central American country of Costa Rica is known as a green paradise. But climate change is hitting the country in a multitude of ways, including increasing its risk from storms and natural disasters. Nowhere is the shifting planet being felt more than in some of the country’s most iconic parks and reserves, where ecosystems are changing rapidly.

rubble pile

The environmental cost of war in Ukraine


Nearly a year and a half into Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, its impact has been felt most acutely in lost lives, flattened cities and destroyed infrastructure. But the environmental damage from combat has also contaminated Ukraine’s soil, water and air, at a cost the government is estimating to be $56 billion. This impact is likely to be one of the longest-lasting legacies of the war, persisting for decades after the fighting stops.