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We’re throwing today’s Geo Quiz overboard. On this date in 1773, protesters here in Boston boarded three British ships and threw a few hundred chests of tea into the harbor.

Boston Tea PartyBoston Tea Party

It wasn’t really a tea party – though that’s what we call it. It was a revolutionary statement against British taxes. In commemoration of the Boston Tea Party, here are a few facts.

Tea is the world’s second most consumed drink, after water. Something like 3 billion cups of tea go down the hatch every day.

India is the biggest tea-drinking nation … though its “per capita” consumption puts it behind several other countries. The British are number one. They have a cuppa tea four or five times a day.

Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, and the Netherlands are close behind. Okay…now that you know which countries drink the most tea, can you name the countries that produce the most tea?

Today’s Geo Quiz was inspired by the Boston Tea Party 235 years ago.

We were looking for the top tea-producing countries today.

The Food and Agriculture Organization tells us that two nations — China and India — account for about half of the world’s tea production.

That’s a lot of tea.

But remember, we drink a lot of tea — 3 billion cups a day.

So we also need the help of such other major producers as Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

That makes for five top tea-makers — and the answers to today’s Quiz.

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