Lex Weaver

Digital Associate Producer

The World

Lex Weaver is a digital associate producer at The World.

Before coming to The World, Lex was a Poynter-Koch fellow and editor-in-chief at The Scope: Boston, a local news outlet with a social justice lens. She has also worked in FRONTLINE’s Impact department, working extensively on the Un(re)solved tour and supporting public programming for FRONTLINE films, and she has also worked for the Associated Press’ Elections tabulation team.

Lex holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in English and art history from Rutgers University.

She’s interested in all forms of art, traveling and following social and cultural trends in Egypt, East Asia and India. Lex is also a social media and spreadsheet-organizing wizard.

city scape drawing

Can endangered languages be saved? This new book may have the answer.


New York City is home to over 700 languages, but some will soon cease to exist. Is there still time to save them? The World’s Carolyn Beeler talks to linguist and author Ross Perlin about his new book, “Language City: The Fight to Preserve Endangered Mother Tongues in New York.”

A photo of a book, Eyeliner: A Cultural History

New book taps into the cultural history of eyeliner

People demonstrate in Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington, June 30, 2023.

Student loans can be ‘simple’ and ‘automatic.’ Other countries offer lessons to the US.

The price of higher ed
"Timeless," by Tiger JK, feat RM.

‘Planet Hip Hop:’ The evolution of Korean rap

Planet Hip Hop
a man standing in front of a colorful bottle cap mural

Venezuelan artist uses recycled bottle caps to create large eco-murals

Ukrainian Eurovision contestant TVORCHI band performs at a concert before departure to the Eurovision contest

Liverpool steps in to host Eurovision Song Contest


Last year’s winners from Ukraine are unable to host in-country this year due to ongoing conflict with Russia, so Liverpool is stepping in. To learn more about it, The World’s Carol Hills spoke to Dr. Eurovision, himself, Paul Jordan.

portrait of Zafer Kizilkaya in front of a waterfront

‘Nobody believed us:’ Turkish conservationist wins Goldman Prize for expanding marine-protected areas


“We don’t have much time to convince all the stakeholders in the world,” said award recipient Zafer Kizilkaya about the urgency of protecting marine life.

book on surface

‘Can we reject these labels?’: A new book questions how patriarchy became the norm.

Lifestyle & Belief

How did patriarchy become common around the world, and can we change the dominance of men in societies? Science journalist Angela Saini explores these questions in her new book, “The Patriarchs; The Origins of Inequality.”

Two players from Boston bruins and Montreal Canadiens hockey teams talk to each other on the ice

Montreal Canadiens superfans brace for historic record to be smashed

The Boston Bruins are on the verge of making history — eclipsing the Montreal Canadiens’ coveted record of most points scored in a regular season, set back in 1977.

Guyana faces risks from climate change that include rising sea levels that could eventually submerge the capital Georgetown.

Guyana’s discovery of oil reserves has the nation split between boosting the economy and preserving the environment


Guyana is hoping that newly discovered offshore crude reserves can help transform the country’s economy and offset its ongoing poverty crisis. But some people are concerned about what this may mean for the environment.