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The price of higher ed

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International students weigh in on hurdles and successes of studying in the US

For many international students, going to college in the US is part of a lifelong dream. But it can be difficult to overcome all kinds of hurdles to doing so. Nevertheless, The World spoke to a number of students who are carving their own pathways to pursue higher education in the US. Here are a few of their stories below, in their own words.

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High fees paid by international students help US universities balance their books

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The World’s 2024 education special: The price of higher ed 

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How a US education is already paying off for some

Job seeker Johannes Oveida looks over a brochure at a job fair at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, March 7, 2024. 

Open secret: Some international students in the US are going hungry

The US Embassy in Delhi, India, where visas are processed for Indian nationals to work and study in the United States. 

Visa delays dash ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunities for students, workers in India

The price of higher ed

Getting visas to travel to the US has never been easy for people of certain nationalities. But pandemic closures made visa processing delays extend to a year or more. Now consulates are staffed up again, but as Sushmita Pathak reports from New Delhi, substantial delays remain because of large numbers of visa applicants.

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‘University of the People’ offers tuition-free degrees for marginalized students across the globe

The price of higher ed

The University of the People bills itself as the first nonprofit, tuition-free, American-accredited online university. Thanks to technological developments and the acceptance of online learning, the nature of higher education is changing fast. But are the university’s 137,000 students from more than 200 countries, including the US, getting a quality education? Emily Haavik reports on how the university works.

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Despite lack of govt loans for college in Cambodia, these students are making it work

The price of higher ed

Most Cambodians live in rural areas, with many struggling to make a living on small farms. Even with low public school tuition fees, sending a child to college is nearly impossible. Those who want a higher education must be resourceful.

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Student loans can be ‘simple’ and ‘automatic.’ Other countries offer lessons to the US.

The price of higher ed

In the US, interest on student loans started accruing again on Sept. 1. Soon, more than 40 million borrowers will have to resume their payments. The US is an outlier when it comes to high tuition and the debts that students take on.

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Denmark pays students to go to college. But free education does have a price.

The price of higher ed

Borrowers in the US and the UK rack up the highest debt in the world. In Denmark, tuition is free and students are given grants to pay for things like food and housing. Hardly anyone takes out loans, but free education comes with a price.