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Planet Hip Hop

Screenshot from "Cape Flats Kung Fu" by Eavesdrop.

‘Planet Hip Hop’: The music will always be the voice of the people, Samy Alim says

Planet Hip Hop

As we wrap up “Planet Hip Hop,” our summer series celebrating 50 years of hip-hop music around the world, H. Samy Alim returns to talk with host Marco Werman about the next 50 years. Alim is an anthropology professor and the director of the Hip Hop Initiative at UCLA. 

Paul Moposita (wearing blue tracksuit), his daughter Sisa and some of the members of Mugre Sur, a band he started more than 20 years ago. 

Ecuadorian group creates political hip-hop with bunnies and clowns

Planet Hip Hop
portrait photo of a woman

‘She is the evolution of reggaeton’: The rise of trans Puerto Rican artist Villano Antillano

Planet Hip Hop
Black woman performing on stage in white dress

Women rap artists a driving force as hip-hop turns 50

Planet Hip Hop
"Timeless," by Tiger JK, feat RM.

‘Planet Hip Hop:’ The evolution of Korean rap

Planet Hip Hop
Senegalese rap artist "Paco Pat Ghetto."

‘Planet Hip Hop’: Senegalese rappers push for social and political change

Planet Hip Hop

This summer, we are taking you on a global journey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. In Senegal, hip-hop has evolved from something of a fad, to an influential force for social change.

Noam Tsuriely is a 28-year-old Jewish Israeli hip-hop artist from Jerusalem, whose debut album will drop later this summer.

This Israeli rapper brings people together through multilingual lyrics

Planet Hip Hop

Noam Tsuriely is a 28-year-old Jewish Israeli hip-hop artist from Jerusalem He says he likes to rap in both Hebrew and Arabic to get Israelis and Palestinians to learn both languages, so they can understand each other better. Tsuriely’s story is the latest in The World’s summer “Planet Hip Hop” series.

Maroon silhouette of two people performing in front of a crowd of people

Mahraganat artists in Egypt are defining hip-hop culture, despite government crackdowns

Planet Hip Hop

Hip-hop has taken root in Egypt. Authorities are trying to suppress it. But the raw power of the music may be unstoppable. Yasmine el Rashidi, author of “Laughter in the Dark: Egypt to the Tune of Change,” tells host Marco Werman how young Egyptians are pushing hip-hop to the limit.

"Les Princes de la Ville" by 113, a French rap group.

Planet Hip Hop: How French rappers continue to raise their voices for justice and identity

Planet Hip Hop

The World’s “Planet Hip Hop” series takes us to France, where hip-hop is second only to the US in terms of popularity and influence. Samuel Lamontagne, co-leader of the UCLA Hip Hop Initiative, explains the power of hip-hop and its evolution in France.

Argentine trap artists Keke (right) and Sosa (left).

‘It’s the new soccer, where stars are born’: Trap music boom inspires Argentine youth

Planet Hip Hop

The latest installment of The World’s “Planet Hip Hop” series takes us to Argentina, where trap music has a huge following. From their bedrooms, aspiring artists remix their favorite trap songs and record music of their own.