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In this photo taken on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012, an elderly man sits inside a bus in the station of Moscow, Russia. More and more migrants from the Central Asia are coming come to Moscow in search of work.

Russia’s war creates economic hardships for Central Asian migrants


As the Russian economy starts to slow down because of Western sanctions, migrant workers from Central Asia, who often work low-wage jobs in Russia, have been some of the first to feel the war’s economic impact.

About one-third of the staff at the Stoneacre restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island, is from overseas.

Hospitality industries in the US struggle to find workers, but international labor is ticking up

Several African women sit in a room with light blue walls, next to luggage and personal belongings.

Migrant workers stuck in Beirut in wake of blast

Migrant farmworkers harvest corn

Migrant farmworkers in US deemed essential — but lack basic protections

A comic of a sitting man with a black background

These comics help combat mental health challenges for migrants in Vermont

Four women sit crosslegged on the floor of a windowless room. Around them are suitcases and bedding. A baby is wrapped in a blanket nearby.

‘Discounted maids!’: How ads trap women in modern-day slavery in Jordan


Recruitment agency ads perpetuate slavery-like conditions in Jordan by posting biodata of migrants seeking domestic work, revealing skin complexion, weight, height, and “price” according to country of origin. Many end up trapped in situations of abuse and exploitation.

The team in the changing room before a big match. Left to right: Kenneth, David, Binumon, Purna, Umesh, Padam.

They are building Qatar’s World Cup stadiums — and dreaming of playing soccer.


In 2022, Qatar will host the World Cup. To do that, it needs dozens of venues and stadiums, which are currently being built by migrant workers.

Daniel Vega and Maria Elena Figueroa

This migrant is done with the US. Instead, he’s choosing to live undocumented in Mexico.


After years of a migrant’s life, Daniel Vega, from Guatemala, is ready to put down roots in Mexico. But being “undocumented anywhere is never easy.”

Teatro Campesino

Arts, Culture & Media

Luis Valdez has written and directed such films as “La Bamba” and “Zoot Suit” for Hollywood. But in the late 1960’s he didn’t even have a theater, just a flatbed truck, a few costumes and fake moustaches, and the drive to bring theater to Mexican-American laborers. Valdez founded Teatro Campesino — the Farmworkers Theater which […]

Striking dining hall workers at Harvard University say they have the support of much of the student body and faculty on campus.

Harvard has a $35 billion endowment. Its dining hall workers are on strike for a $35,000 minimum salary.


It’s the first workers strike at Harvard University in 33 years. Dining hall workers walked off the job in early October, looking for better wages and health insurance coverage.