The trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange

Proposed SEC rule would require companies to disclose risks from climate change

Trillions of dollars of financial assets are at risk of losses related to the climate. The Biden administration is moving to require public companies to disclose their climate risk to investors.

In this June 21, 2019, file photo, George Soros, founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, looks before the Joseph A. Schumpeter award ceremony in Vienna, Austria. 

Foundations of international relations: Part I

Critical State
Bank customers write Arabic words thats read "Riad is a thief. Thieves" (Riad Salameh, the governor of Lebanon's Central Bank) on a facade of bank in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.

Monetary policy by other means: Part I

Critical State
A demonstrator wearing a protective face mask with a message attends a protest demanding to boycott China-made products.

India guards against China’s growing regional plans

On China's New Silk Road
bitcoin logo on pillow

Mining bitcoin uses more energy than mining gold


Greece exits bailout, but ‘shackles and the asphyxiation continue’

After eight years of emergency loans, Greece on Monday exited the international bailout program that prevented it from going bankrupt. Far from celebrating, Greeks are still reeling from heavy pension cuts, tax hikes and troubling levels of unemployment.

Bitcoins, represented here with with actual coins, are a type of digital currency that have spearhead a new nefarious activity known as "cryptojacking."

Hackers find the processing power they need for mining for cryptocurrencies through ‘cryptojacking’


Your laptop may be doing extra work for someone else — without you even knowing about it.


Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has become a massive energy hog


Bitcoin, the most popular of the new digital currencies, has shot up in value in the past year, and even though you can’t hold one in your hand, bitcoins require huge amounts of energy.

A yuan note, May 31, 2017.

China tightens regulations on investment and shadow banking


China’s banking regulator has introduced new measures to increase scrutiny on investments in commercial lenders and tighten regulation on the entrusted loans market, a rapidly growing segment of the country’s shadow banking.

A bitcoin on a computer motherboard

Despite the hype, bitcoin futures get a tepid response


The launch of futures by the world’s biggest derivatives exchange operator, and by its rival Chicago-based exchange CBOE Global Markets a week earlier, had been hailed by many as the moment that bitcoin reached the investment mainstream.