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Trump Foundation to Shut Down After Agreement

Trump Foundation to Shut Down After Agreement 

The Trump Foundation is shutting down after an agreement was reached with New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

Goldman Sachs Faces Criminal Charges for Billion Dollar Fraud

The firm is being accused of conspiracy to launder $2.7 billion from a Malaysian infrastructure fund.

Hollywood’s Obsession with Women of Color as “theHelp”

Aparicio is not the first woman of color to portray a servant.

Harvard’s Endowment Profits from California’s Dwindling Water Supply

By buying up land in California’s wine country, the Harvard Management Company is looking to make money off of the region’s limited water.


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The Promise of Jobs, A Taste of Freedom, ‘Muthaland’

February 28, 2017:

1. Trump Plans Billions in Environmental, Social Cuts to Expand Military (7 min)

2. Robert Reich: Trump’s Jobs Plan Misguided in Era of Globalization (12 min)

3. ‘Muthaland’: Searching For Identity and Hope While Overcoming Sexual Assault (15 min)

4. Military Families Feel the Pinch From Trump’s Hiring Freeze (4 min)

5. Hundreds Claim Global Jewelry Giant Harassed and Discriminated Employees (4 min)

6. Life After Prison: An Anxious Ride on the Road to Freedom (7 min)

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Got Trust? Exploring Faith and Suspicion in the 21st Century

(Rebroadcast) Many Americans have lost trust in U.S. institutions, politicians, and the media. In this special podcast, The Takeaway explores what it means to trust after the 2016 election.

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Drugs, Fame, and Bill Cosby, Justice for Sale, Pretty Pluto

July 20, 2015: 1. Presumption of Innocence For Sale: Inside America’s Broken Bail System | 2. Report Connects The Dots Between Drugs, Fame and Bill Cosby | 3. NASA Captures Surprising Photos of Pluto | 4. Five Years Later, Barney Frank Says the U.S. Financial System is Strong

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The Weekender: Your College Compass

This weekend The Takeaway tackles higher education in our series, “College Compass: Universities and Students Set Their Course for the Future.”