East Coast

Two men stand on rocky land as mountains and snow stretch out behind them. One holds a drill of some kind and is drilling into the rock.

If the Greenland ice sheet melts, what happens to New York City? This reporter went to find out.

A New York-based reporter follows scientists to Greenland to try to get a fix on what the future of the world’s second-largest ice sheet could mean for sea level rise and the fate of her home town.

Growing high tides have turned this photo — taken from Pompano Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 — into a regular occurrence along the U.S. coastlines.

New report forecasts a troubling picture of rising tides, frequent flooding on coasts

Climate Change
Grace Hopper sits behind the UNIVAC (universal automatic computer) keyboard in the early '60s. As a mathematician and rear admiral in the US Navy, she helped design the UNIVAC I and many other related systems.

New book sheds light on overlooked women pioneers who paved the way for today’s internet

DHS bus

The complicated reasons why some people overstay their US visas

minke whale

In New York, a whale of a comeback story

Imam Khalid Latif

This NYPD chaplain is young, male and Muslim. He’s been told ‘those things don’t go together so well right now.’


Khalid Latif, an imam for the New York Police Department, on life in and out of uniform.

People in crowd hold up cellphones

How Donald Trump ended up at a Bollywood-themed Hindu rally in New Jersey

Global Politics

It’s not that Indian Americans favor Trump. It’s that Trump reminds many of his Hindu supporters of a political movement in India.

The Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, pictured here, has been a boon for forest science.

One of the largest ‘test tubes’ in science is an 8,000-acre forest in New Hampshire


The Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest is best known for breakthroughs in acid rain research. And it is still helping scientists learn — now about the effects of clear-cutting and climate change.

Mackenzie Scott, aka Torres

TORRES gets personal in her new album, Sprinter


Singer Mackenzie Scott didn’t think she could sing until she was 16 and didn’t discover rock and roll until college. Now, she’s breaking the stereotype of the confessional singer-songwriter.

2013 was a banner year for apples in New England and even the old, long-neglected trees at the Thomson farm in Western Massachusetts got caught up in the frenzy.

A banner year for New England apples brought back a family’s cider-making tradition

Lifestyle & Belief

The World’s environment editor Peter Thomson thought his family’s old apple trees were pretty much played out, until this fall, when they exploded with fruit and brought back a tradition.