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Clothes are on display at the Mar Design tailor shop in central St. Louis in northern Senegal.

Muslims in Senegal prepare for Eid al-Adha celebrations

Lifestyle & Belief

People in Senegal are getting ready for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice. Families around the world will slaughter an animal, like a sheep or goat, to commemorate the willingness of the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, in obedience to God. And as people choose what to wear, tailors are cramming to complete their outfit orders in time.

This address is listed on an official police website back in China as an “Overseas Police Service Center,” but the locale appears abandoned. 

China has a police network that stretches across some 30 countries, NGO says

Global Politics
Norway's World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen competes in the 44th Chess Olympiad in Mamallapuram, India

The cheating scandal rocking the chess world

Some of the younger boys of newly arrived Afghan refugees play in their own game at a St. Louis sports facility. The weekly get-together is a chance to exercise and make new friends.

Amid chaos, young Afghan refugees find something familiar in St. Louis — soccer

Phương Tâm performs at the Miss Vietnam Beauty Pageant with the Khanh Bang band at the Hung Dao Theatre in Saigon in 1965.

A St. Louis woman discovered her mom’s secret past — as a Vietnamese rock star

Weedie Braimah's "The Hands of Time" features the power and range of the djembe.

Musician Weedie Braimah lets the djembe speak for itself


In “The Hands of Time,” Weedie Braimah and his band fuse hip-hop, folkloric music and jazz. The new album tells two stories: that of the djembe and Braimah’s journey to it.

Burger King patrons in St. Louis were greeted by a somewhat confusing menu: A Whopper with no beef.

The meatless Whopper’s ‘Impossible’ goal: To save the planet


The Whopper is an icon of American culture. But the Whopper is getting a complete overhaul. And when we say complete, we literally mean complete.

Abandoned homes in Hyde Park neighborhood.

St. Louis’ poorest residents ask: Why can’t our houses be homes?


Trump’s housing agenda looms large over Missouri’s critical US Senate race.


Searching for Hillary Clinton’s unused confetti


An artist finally lets the Clinton victory confetti fly.

Midnight Scan Club

The Midnight Scan Club sheds new light on the human brain


Most of our knowledge of the human brain comes from the group average of thousands of MRI scans. Dr. Nico Dosenbach felt he could gain more knowledge by collecting detailed individual scans. But with few resources at his disposal, he and his colleagues had to be creative.