The violin caretaker

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Mosconi is a revered figure in this town. These instruments were built hundreds of years ago, and Mosconi plays the violins every morning. Watching Mosconi playing violin is like watching someone stoke the dying flames of a fire back to life; Mosconi says that’s more or less what he’s doing. He says playing the violins limber makes them sound good and leaving one of the instruments for too long can cause damage. This violin was built in 1715, not the oldest in the collection but its sound is unparallel and was inspiration for some compositions. He says he needs complete concentration to get the most out of each instrument. He played his first Stradivarius as a music student in Carmona when he was 17 and at 76 he is still performing. By noon the instrument is warmed up enough to play in public. Mosconi says he still finds his job interesting even after all these years, but playing six days a week is starting to tire him out, which is why he’s most content sitting in his quiet instruments room playing alone. Violin makers have been trying to copy the sound of these instruments for years. he says it’s just pure genius and nothing else to credit for its sound.

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