Kalush Orchestra brings Ukrainian folk music to the world stage


Kalush Orchestra has a unique sound that blends rap with traditional Ukrainian folk music. In 2022, the band, representing Ukraine, won Eurovision. The victory was a huge boost for a country at war and propelled the band to massive success. From Kyiv, The World’s Daniel Ofman speaks with the group’s flute player about how he went from folk music aficionado to arena rockstar.

The 2015 Kennedy Center Honors Honorees, including conductor Seiji Ozawa, stand on stage during a reception for them in the East Room of the White House, Dec. 6, 2015.

Renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa is remembered as ‘graceful,’ ‘supernaturally’ gifted

Clarissa Bitar plays the oud, a classic string instrument.

How the oud brought this Palestinian American musician closer to their culture, family and history

Black and white photo of a Cuban tres instrument

The first Cuban tres players at Berklee

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Cast members perform during a rehearsal of the opera "Monkey: A Kung Fu Puppet Parable" at the Emerson Paramount Center in Boston, Sept. 20, 2023.

A modern take on an ancient Chinese folk tale

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Nea on the beach

The changing landscape for Sweden’s successful music industry


​​​​​​​The Nordic nation is the third-largest exporter of pop music in the world, after the US and the UK. But musicians in Sweden are worried that the country’s changing political climate could endanger this great Swedish success story. 

Senegalese rap artist "Paco Pat Ghetto."

‘Planet Hip Hop’: Senegalese rappers push for social and political change

Planet Hip Hop

This summer, we are taking you on a global journey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. In Senegal, hip-hop has evolved from something of a fad, to an influential force for social change.

silent movie still

A silent movie cinema thrives in Brussels

For most of the world, silent films died out in the 1930s. But in Brussels, Belgium, the only remaining cinema in the world with a regular schedule of silent films, along with live piano accompaniment, is thriving.


Hip-hop artists in India call out caste discrimination 

Planet Hip Hop

In India, artists are using hip-hop to stand up to one of the world’s oldest forms of discrimination: caste. In recent years, a new wave of Dalit artists is wielding some of the same musical elements that Black artists began channeling decades ago to call out prejudice and injustice.

Critically-acclaimed hip-hop artist Dope Saint Jude performs at the Cape Town Jazz Festival, April 2017.

Planet Hip Hop: The World celebrates 50 years of hip-hop around the globe

Planet Hip Hop

Hip-hop turns 50 this summer, and its influence has been felt in all corners of the globe. From the streets of the Bronx to a revolution in Beirut, from anti-apartheid messages in Cape Town to graffiti in Cairo. Throughout the summer, we will be exploring Planet Hip Hop.