A busy lunchtime at the Daryaganj restaurant, which claims to own the recipe for the original butter chicken and has been sued for copyright infringement by a rival Delhi restaurant.

Who invented butter chicken? Dueling claims battle it out in an Indian high court.


The grandsons of two now-deceased business partners are fighting over claims of whose grandfather invented the beloved Indian dish, butter chicken.

Native American supporter Deborah Theodore, left, of Belmont, Mass., and her daughter, Sofia Theodore-Pierce stand by the statue of Massasoit on Cole's Hill in Plymouth, Mass., during the 35th National Day of Mourning, Nov. 25, 2004.

Thanksgiving stories gloss over the history of US settlement on Native lands

The site at Campus Galli near the German-Swiss border where carpenters are erecting a medieval utopia.

A group of carpenters in Germany is erecting a medieval utopia using only 9th-century tools

Samuel Ike, dressed in the role of Revolutionary War-era African American abolitionist Prince Hall.

The history of enslavement at Boston’s Freedom Trail sites is beginning to be told

Stalin refrigerator magnets for sale outside the Stalin Museum in Gori, Georgia

As Putin’s war in Ukraine continues, historians say it’s crucial to reflect on Stalin’s reign in the Soviet era

Ships of the US Navy Sixth Fleet visit Barcelona, Spain, in 1956. 

How US sailors kicked off Barcelona’s tourism industry in the 1950s


At first, sailors with the US 6th Fleet brought in a flair of modernity and freedom. Over time, public opinion toward their influence in Spain changed. 

A mural in Cartagena's Getsemani Neighborhood celebrates the city's Afro-Colombian heritage and the natural hairstyles of Black women

Reclaiming Colombia’s Black history, one tour at a time


Alex Rocha, a tour guide in the city of Cartagena, says his goal is to provide visitors with historical facts and show the city through “a Black man’s perspective.”

In ancient Greece, the heart and soul of the festival was the experience shared by all who attended.

What would the ancient Greeks think of an Olympics with no fans?


Athletes and spectators were lured to Olympia by a longing for contact with their compatriots and their gods.

Pittsburgh skyline at night

Why we can’t quit cities


A historian’s ode to the resilient city, warts and all.

A bakery in the Çukurcuma neighborhood makes a fresh batch of sesame-encrusted rings of bread, called simit. 

New novel offers a window into Turkey’s insular Rum community


Nektaria Anastasiadou’s “A Recipe for Daphne” passes as a light, escapist novel with a love story. But at its core, it’s a meditation on Rum identity and the scars of history.