In ancient Greece, the heart and soul of the festival was the experience shared by all who attended.

What would the ancient Greeks think of an Olympics with no fans?


Athletes and spectators were lured to Olympia by a longing for contact with their compatriots and their gods.

Pittsburgh skyline at night

Why we can’t quit cities

A man stands, smiling.

Trump’s hard-line immigration policies build on the history of former US presidents

A man in shorts and a baseball hat stands next to construction workers covered in soot.

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ revisits nuclear catastrophe with a nod to climate change

A black and white photo showing a man in a pilot's uniform with a mustache looking at a camera among a crowd of people.

Capt. Michel Bacos, Entebbe hijacking hero, dies at 95

Columns, foundations, and churches spread out around the city of Rome on a sunny day.

Is Trump the new Nero?

Barry Strauss is an expert in all things Roman. He joins The World’s Marco Werman for a talk about Roman history and how its legendary figures compare to our modern politicians.

sepia toned image of young boy, with some damage to photo around edges

For a child migrant, days feel like a lifetime when you’re imprisoned and alone


Beth Lew-Williams’ grandfather was 9 when he was separated from family and placed in immigration detention. And he held the pain of the experience for 72 years.

President Trump caused headlines after referring to group of Latino immigrants as "animals" on Wednesday. He said he was only referring to members of the gang MS-13.

President Trump’s ‘animals’ comment points to a dark history of using dehumanizing language

Conflict & Justice

The terms President Trump has used to describe a group of Latino immigrants can have serious societal consequences.

Commentary: Seven Days in May

Arts, Culture & Media

Kurt considers some May milestones.

Radio Imposters

Arts, Culture & Media

You can fool some of the people some of the time.