Updates from the ground in Chile

The World

Saturday’s earthquake struck Chile with a force that was 500 times more powerful than the quake that hit Haiti last month, and set off a tsunami that destroyed villages up the coast. Millions of Chileans were displaced, and there are reports of gas, food and water shortages as people scramble to meet their needs.

Aftershocks have rattled the country and thousands of troops have been sent in to keep order. Daniel Vergara was in Santiago during the quake and has since traveled to his hometown of Chillan, 250 miles south of the capital to find his family. He reminds us that his country has been hit by earthquakes in the past and that good building codes kept many people safe. He tells us what his city looks and feels like after the quake. BBC Chile correspondent, Gideon Long brings us updates on how the government has been dealing with security since the earthquake.

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