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What the 1973 coup means for Chileans today — 50 years later

Conflict & Justice

Five decades after the 1973 coup in Chile that toppled the government of Salvador Allende and brought General Augusto Pinochet to power with help from the US, people in Chile are deeply divided about what the coup anniversary means today.

Avocado plantations in Petorca, Chile

Chileans have long struggled with a water crisis. Management practices are partly to blame, study says.

A large crowd of people a shown celebrating in the Sabtiago's Plaza Italia banging on instruments and carrying flags.

Chilean voters back rewriting their constitution

Man sits on bench with mask and bird flies overhead

Chile’s ‘COVID-19 card’ sparks controversy over ‘uncertainty of evidence’ about immunity

A close-up section of several rows of embroided protest art showing bleeding eyes.

In Chile, women use traditional embroidery to urge political change

Protests in Chile

Protesters’ victory: A chance to change Chile’s constitution

Protesters in Chile have forced the government of President Sebastián Piñera to agree to a referendum on possible changes to the nation’s constitution next April.

A demonstrator wearing a red shirt and shorts is shown with a makeshift shield held up protecting themselves from a police water canon.

Amid unrest and rights abuses, Chile protesters say ‘there’s no turning back’

Conflict & Justice

As the UN accuses Chilean security forces of human rights abuses, protesters refuse to back down in their fight against inequality.

A protester with a bandana covering their face and wearing a helmet, cocks an arm back to throw a smoking canister of tear gas back at police.

Urban unrest propels global wave of protests


Protests are breaking out worldwide — and they share some basic characteristics. Fed up with rising inequality, corruption and slow economic growth, angry citizens worldwide are demanding an end to corruption and the restoration of a democratic rule of law.

A protester uses a flagpole to strike the head of a statue that lays in the street

Mapuche Indigenous people in Chile take down symbols of Spanish colonization

Indigenous protesters in Chile took down statues of Spanish colonizers and other heroes during demonstrations last week. Local media called the destruction acts of vandalism, but the Mapuche, the largest Indigenous group in Chile, are demanding more political autonomy and representation.

An anti-government protester hits by a tear gas canister during a protest march in Hong Kong, China, on Oct. 20, 2019.

Global protests gaining attention in financial markets

Forced fiscal loosening in a world already swamped with debt and heading into another downturn may unnerve creditors and bond holders, especially those holding government debt as an insurance against recession and a haven from volatility.