Mexico City

When disaster hits home: The Mexico City quake one month on


When The World’s Monica Campbell returned to her home in Mexico City, she arrived to chaos. People were trying their best to rebuild or they were leaving altogether. Her neighborhood in particular was among the hardest hit.

Oroville Dam

Does a ‘green spot’ signal trouble for California’s massive Oroville Dam?

The moon over Earth, as seen from the GOES-16 satellite

Satellites are destined to become space junk. But in the future, we may be able to retool them.

Stockholm's highly-efficient subway system. Trains are known for running frequently and on time. They have large ridership but are not overly crowded because of the frequency of the trains.

US transportation is so far behind Sweden’s it’s not even funny

A magnetically levitating (maglev) train operated by Central Japan Railway

How to bring high-speed trains to the US

Protesters march through São Paulo recently demanding equitable distribution of water throughout São Paulo state. Unofficial rationing has brought frequent water outages to neighborhoods throughout the Brazilian megalopolis of 20 million people.

São Paulo residents demand their city take a new attitude about water


The unprecedented water crisis in South America’s largest city is leading citizens to change everything, from how they use water to how they engage with politics. But while the government is taking action, residents say it’s not nearly enough.

The World

Obama holds national infrastructure meeting

Global Politics

Takeaway correspondent Andrea Bernstein joins us to discuss the significance of the latest developments on the nation and the President’s agenda.

Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

Mexico Battered by One-two Tropical Storm Punch


Dozens are dead and as much as two-thirds of the country has been affected as Mexico has been battered by a series of tropical storms this week. Host Aaron Schachter gets the latest from reporter Jennifer Collins in Mexico City.

In Germany, Asylum Seekers Demand Same Rights as new Syrian Arrivals

Global Politics

Germany has just received the first plane-load of Syrian refugees fleeing their civil war back home. And up to 5,000 more are expected. But some believe Germany shouldn’t pat itself on the back just yet for the humanitarian gesture.

Syrian Conflict Reaches Grim Milestone: Two Million Refugees and Counting

Conflict & Justice

Two million refugees have fled out of Syria according the United Nations Refugee Agency. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Melissa Fleming from UN Refugee Agency about the refugee crisis in Syria.