Old growth Douglas fir trees stand along the Salmon river Trail on the Mt. Hood National Forest

1 in 6 trees in the US threatened with extinction


A recent study concludes that 1 in 6 US tree species are at risk of extinction, largely due to pests and disease.

People gather at a playground amid water shortages in Monterrey, Mexico.

In the north of Mexico, water cuts to cope with shortages hit poor communities hardest 

Fishermen navigate on the Shatt al-Arab waterway during a sandstorm in Basra, Iraq, Monday, May 23, 2022.

‘It’s a mass ecological crisis’: Extreme weather in Iraq hits those already struggling the hardest

A Uniper energy company coal-fired power plant and a BP refinery are seen beside a wind generator in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Jan. 16, 2020. 

Did the world ‘build back better’ since the start of the pandemic? Not so much. 

A fire still burns in a home destroyed by the Marshall Wildfire in Louisville, Colorado, Friday, Dec. 31, 2021.

Colorado’s catastrophic winter firestorm may be a sign of more to come

A massive sinkhole in central Turkey is attributed to a three-year drought and climate change.

Massive sinkholes appear in farmers’ fields in central Turkey due to climate change and drought

Climate Change

The recent uptick in sinkholes is largely attributed to rapid groundwater loss as farmers tap deep underground wells to irrigate fields during a nearly three-yearlong drought. 

A person wears colorful, pride-themed boots as they await the start of a queer liberation march for Black Lives Matter and against police brutality

A queer nature photographer on the great outdoors and hiking in 6-inch heels

Lifestyle & Belief

The great outdoors is wild, rugged — and often cast in masculine terms. So, it can be easy for queer and gender non-conforming people to feel excluded from outdoor spaces. Photographer Wyn Wiley wants to change that.

Firefighters control a spot fire near Bredbo, south of the Australian capital, Canberra, Feb. 2, 2020.

California and Australia look to Indigenous land management for fire help 

The Big Fix

As fires rage across the state of California, many are wondering how management could improve to reduce the risk in the future. Traditional fire management is being increasingly embraced in Australia, which could help inspire California.

A sign the shape of a red stop sign warns of extreme heat danger at Badwater Basin with a couple taking a selfie in the distance.

The world’s getting hotter. Can naming heat waves raise awareness of the risks?


The risks of extreme heat are often overlooked. The newly formed Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance wants to develop a system for naming heat waves, like we name hurricanes, to bring more attention to the “silent killer.”

Two men bend over a small fire in the forest

Reviving traditional fire knowledge in Australia: ‘Fire is something we live with’

Climate Change

Devastating fire season in Australia opened up new conversations and opportunities for Aboriginal fire practices, practitioners say.