A man in shorts and a baseball hat stands next to construction workers covered in soot.

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ revisits nuclear catastrophe with a nod to climate change


A new look into HBO’s upcoming miniseries “Chernobyl” gives us a deep look into the nuclear power plant disaster that rocked the then Soviet Union and continues to impact Ukraine to this day. Director Johan Renck spoke with Carol Hills about why he feels this story needs to be told.

A young girl looks back after getting her shoe stuck in the mud while carrying supplies

The real death toll in Puerto Rico is probably 450 — much higher than the official count

The World

Takeouts: Gulf oil spill threatens Democrat’s climate bill, listener responses

Conflict & Justice
A dog on a street destroyed after flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains

Colombia mudslides kill at least 200 after rivers burst their banks

Port Salut

A once-dreamy Haitian beach town picks up the pieces after Hurricane Matthew

The interior of a destroyed house

Hundreds are dead in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew


And nearly two dozen more were killed on other Caribbean islands.

A homeowner cleans up debris from her home in Louisiana.

It takes an army of trucks from around the country to haul away the damage from Louisiana’s floods


The waters are gone in Louisiana, but the clean-up is only beginningThe waters are gone in Louisiana, but the clean-up is only beginning

West Coast tests how it would respond to a big quake


The West Coast of the US is due for a major earthquake — and there’s not really much that can be done about it. But some communities are starting to prepare how they will respond whenever that day comes.

A seismologist poses for the media

How your phone could help scientists detect and measure an earthquake


This app is uniting thousands of citizen scientists and using them to help detect earthquakes using a smartphone app.

Moose in the Exclusion Zone

Wildlife in Chernobyl is thriving 30 years after the nuclear accident


In the absence of a human population, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has become a de facto nature reserve.