Flamingos have enjoyed a resurgence in Florida over the last 50 years. Notice that the young flamingo in the middle is gray and not the iconic pink. Flamingos gain their pinkish color over time through their diet — mainly shrimp.

New study sheds light on the debate over the origins of flamingos in Florida


You might say that those who have believed that flamingos are natives of Florida are tinkled pink at new reported findings.

The White House.

What theoretical physics says about the future of our government

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The salaries of female bosses are 35 percent lower than their male colleagues.

If the women in your office don’t make as much as the men, here’s what to do about it


Solutions for Curbing the Shadow Government

Listeners Weigh In On What Influences Their Family Planning Decisions

Deadly wildfire in Arizona claims 19 firefighters

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A swift-moving wildfire in central Arizona has claimed the lives of more firefighters in a single day than any fire in 30 years. Half of the 500 homes in the small town are expected to be destroyed as fire crews struggle to gain any control over the blaze.

Two major companies accused of discrimination

African Americans took the biggest hit in employment numbers after the recession and have seen the numbers recover more slowly. In response, governments at different levels have taken a series of steps to help address the problem — including some issuing a prohibition on asking about prior criminal convictions on job applications.

States consider reforms to help domestic workers move out of shadows

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Many domestic workers get stuck in jobs that pay them low wages, subject them to long hours and sometimes even expose them to physical abuse. And because many are undocumented, they don’t, or can’t, speak up. But some states are trying to change that.

Japanese photographers volunteer to help tsunami, earthquake victims find memories

It’s been nearly two years since the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan’s northeast coast. Among the casualties were a lot of family photos, so a group of Japanese photographers have banded together to help recreate those precious family moments.

U.S. H1-B visa program may help companies outsource, offshore jobs

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When it comes to H1-B visas, the visas that are supposed to be reserved for bringing the world’s best and brightest to the United States, to do jobs that would otherwise go undone, there may be a problems. Turns out, most of the H1-B visas go to companies that exist to take U.S. jobs and move them overseas.