Russia’s view of Georgia conflict

The World

American reaction to the fighting in Georgia has largely been shrill. During a CNN program, this Russia expert said Ukraine would be Russia’s next target if it didn’t receive punishment for its actions in Georgia, and that Russia also fabricated allegations of human rights abuses in South Ossetia. Another panel participant blasted Russia for never caring about human rights. Accusations have also arisen that Russia is trying to provoke a second Cold War through its actions in Georgia. This analyst is having none of it; she is a long time Russia observer. She says it would help if the West put this fighting into context, and this is a highly complex situation where no one is completely blameless. This Russian citizen interviewed today said Russia wants peace whereas it’s not clear what Georgia and the U.S. want. Tensions have been rising between the West and Russia for a long time, and this analyst cites paranoia over NATO as one such reason. The analyst goes on to say that Russia sees the world through spheres of influence, and they consider the former Soviet Union as an area where they should be calling the shots and Georgia is one of those areas. The Russia watcher says these types of tensions are hardly new, and historically, evidence has shown that taking a deep breathe and not reacting harshly might be best.

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