Political geography

South Korean officials trying to convince youth of importance of unification

As American and North Korean officials try to return to nuclear disarmament talks, South Korean officials are using online video and entertainment to try to convince their young people reunification with North Korea is important.

Radio flourishing in post-Gadhafi Libya

Gadhafi’s son accused of war crimes, mass killing in Libya

US suspends $800 million of military aid to Pakistan

Arianna Mendez and Chris Alvarez in the entryway of Alvarez's home. The couple don't always agree on the US' policy toward Cuba.

One family, two sides: Debating the new US policy on Cuba over dinner

Global Politics
Men in orange jumpsuits believed to be Egyptian Christians were held captive by the Islamic State and murdered in Libya.

ISIS spreads its tentacles to North Africa — and threatens to reach beyond


Egypt is striking back against ISIS for the brutal killing of 21 Egyptian Christians. Airstrikes have targeted ISIS camps and other facilities in Libya, where the Egyptian Christians were beheaded. This latest brutality shows ISIS’ expanding influence beyond Iraq and Syria.

A woman prisoner waits for her release orders inside a jail in Karachi, Pakistan, July 13, 2006.

In Pakistan, women can still be sent to prison for choosing who they love


A women in Pakistan chose the man she loved instead of the man her family wanted her to marry. That’s why she’s in prison.

Protesters with their heads in the sand

These Australian protesters have their heads in the sand to make a point

Global Scan

Australian protesters put their heads in the sand to bring attention to what they say is their government ignoring the importance of climate change. That story and more in today’s Global Scan.

Mattel's Barbie dolls on sale are pictured inside a shop of a life-size "Barbie Dreamhouse" during a media tour in Berlin, May 15, 2013.

Venezuelans are rushing to the store to buy Barbie dolls after the government imposes a price cut


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered business owners in the country to drastically the prices of Barbie dolls. It’s part of his “Operation Merry Christmas”— and people are loving it.

A North Korean official in London watches over visitors to the embassy's art exhibition

Welcome to North Korea, please enjoy the art work


Last week saw an unusual gallery opening in London. Far out in the west London suburbs, the North Korean embassy was holding its first ever art exhibition.