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Surrogacy advocates fear pope’s position will create stigma

Reproductive rights

Commercial surrogacy is banned in many European countries. In the US, the laws vary from state to state. The pope wants to see the practice outlawed worldwide.

US paratroopers parachute at the Yavoriv training range in the western Lviv region, Ukraine, on Monday, July 17, 2000.

Winning the peace

soldier walking past church

‘You continue to live’: Some people step up to help Ukrainians cope with the trauma of war

Some Ukrainian students were evacuated from Ukraine thanks to a Czech circus company, Cirk La Putyka. “Boom," a performance they took to Edinburgh, was rewritten to reflect the students’ perspectives of war and displacement.

A bittersweet experience for Ukrainian artists at Edinburgh Festival

Port cranes load a climate friendly LNG, liquefied natural gas, powered container ship at the import and export harbor in Hamburg, Germany

Europe’s new liquified gas infrastructure puts climate targets in question

Firefighters work to extinguish a fire at a damaged city center after Russian air raid in Chernigiv, Ukraine, Thursday, March 3, 2022. 

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine ‘is far from done,’ retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman says


Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who worked in the White House as the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, joined The World’s host Carol Hills to discuss the current outlook and specific military strategies used by both Ukraine and Russia.

Smoke rise from an air defense base in the aftermath of an apparent Russian strike in Mariupol, Ukraine, Feb. 24, 2022.

Russia attacks Ukraine; peace in Europe ‘shattered’


Russia has launched an invasion into eastern Ukraine, prompting condemnation from the US and Western nations. Meanwhile, Ukrainian civilians flee to safety amid the ongoing assaults.

A live broadcast of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking is shown on Dec. 23, 2021, from a media control room in Russia.

It’s just a ‘panic attack’ – Russian media blames US for escalating Ukraine crisis


The United States is being “hysterical” about Russian troop buildups near the Ukrainian border. That’s the official news in Russia, where citizens are getting the government’s preferred view of the Ukraine crisis.

Protestors clash with riot police during a demonstration against the reinforced measures of the Belgium government to counter the latest spike of the coronavirus in Brussels, Belgium

Europe sees widespread protests against COVID-19 restrictions

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Protests against COVID-19 restrictions, some of them turning violent, rocked Europe over the weekend. Also, Sudan’s top military commander reinstates Abdulla Hamdok, but as interim prime minister, until new elections are held. And, two of 17 missionaries kidnapped in October have been released in Haiti.

A view of a tent camp set by migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere gathering at the Belarus-Poland border near Grodno, Belarus

EU officials accuse Belarus of creating a new migrant crisis

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The EU accuses Belarus of trying to create a new migrant crisis in Europe. Also, Ethiopian authorities detain more than 70 drivers working for the United Nations by delivering aid. And, nearly 200 nations compose a draft of the Glasgow agreement at the COP26 climate conference.