Katy Clark


Katy Clark is a reporter and producer.

Katy Clark is a Massachusetts native, but got her radio start as a reporter and deejay at KNOM in Nome, Alaska. She says working in rural Alaska taught her how powerful a lifeline radio news can be. In Alaska, Katy was bringing events from the Lower 48 and abroad to isolated villages and gold mining camps. She says reporting for The World is all about bringing the news of the rest of the world to an American audience. Katy's found both experiences can be rewarding, and a lot of fun.Katy formerly was a reporter and producer with NPR's weekly sports program, Only A Game.

Remembering Keiko Fukuda, the Mother of Judo

Arts, Culture & Media

Keiko Fukuda, the woman who earned the distinction of becoming the highest ranking woman in Judo, has died at the age of 99.

The World

Al-Qaeda ‘Memo’ Left Behind by Fleeing Mali Militants

Lifestyle & Belief

Mali’s Last Master Calligrapher

Arts, Culture & Media

Dresden Peace Prize Given to an Ex-Soviet Soldier Who Didn’t Do His Job

Arts, Culture & Media

Anti-Apartheid Leader Mamphela Ramphele Announces New Party to Challenge South Africa’s ANC

Global Politics

Spanish Priest Commissions Graffiti for Church

Arts, Culture & Media

A Catholic priest in Spain is trying something new to bring in parishioners. He commissioned some graffiti artists to decorate the interior of his church’s dome. But it’s graffiti in a Romanesque style.

Cuban Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez Begins World Tour

Conflict & Justice

Yoani Sanchez has been a vocal critic of the Cuban government on her blog Generation Y. But this weekend, Sanchez was granted permission to leave the country and she’s now embarked on a three month world tour.

Venezuela Announces Return of Ailing Hugo Chavez

Global Politics

The government of Venezuela says ailing president Hugo Chavez has returned to his country from Cuba. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with blogger Francisco Toro sabout what the return could mean for Venezuela.

New Recording Surfaces of Jimi Hendrix Gig in London

Arts, Culture & Media

Jimi Hendrix continues to inspire fans more than forty years after his death. New recordings of the guitar great seem to surface all the time. But none can quite compare to the one The World’s Clark Boyd got to hear recently.

‘Where Soldiers Come From’ Follows Young Men Before and After War

Global Politics

A preview of the film “Where US Soldiers Come From.”