For more than a century, water from mineral springs in the Georgian town of Borjomi has been bottled and sold throughout the former Soviet Union. To this day, Borjomi remains a well-known brand from Kyiv to Kazakhstan.

Georgia’s famous Borjomi water company takes a hit during Russia-Ukraine war


Georgia’s beloved Borjomi mineral water can be found anywhere from Kyiv to Kazakhstan. But Russia’s war in Ukraine has hurt the company’s bottom line.

Zhemal Gamakharia, Chairman of Abkhazia’s Supreme Council, a regional-level parliament.

Georgian politicians from Russian-occupied Abkhazia run a ‘government-in-exile’

Protesters wave a Georgian national and EU flags as they rally against a draft law

Georgia faces a rocky road to EU membership

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Linguist Thomas Wier and Udi activist Alexander Kavtaradze at a memorial to Zinobi Silikashvili, the founder of the village of Zinobiani, Georgia. The inscription includes both Caucasian Albanian (Udi) and Georgian script.

Udi, a dying language with its own alphabet, sees a revival in this small Georgian town

Customers walk into the Dedaena Bar in Tbilisi past a QR code notice

Georgia’s proxy war with Russia has linguistic ripple effects

Many of Tskaltubo's sanatoriums will soon be renovated and reopened to tourists once again through an initiative funded by the government and private investment.

Longtime refugees in Georgia say goodbye to the Soviet-era sanatoriums they called home


Displaced people have spent decades living in old sanatoriums and hotels scattered throughout Georgia. Now, the government plans to restore the dilapidated buildings to boost tourism. 

A supporter holds up a large sign during a rally.

‘Georgia, all eyes are on you’: Activists galvanize Latino voters ahead of runoffs 

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Since the 1990s, Georgia’s Latino community has grown steadily. Their votes could now make a difference in the hotly contested runoff races that will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the US Senate. 

A demonstrator holding a sign reading #GeorgeFloyd and #BLM marches near Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, May 30, 2020.

BLM is increasingly a voter issue for Latinos in Georgia

Every 30 Seconds

Growing numbers of Latinos in Georgia have come out to support the Black Lives Matter movement over the past few months — and increasingly, it’s shaping how they could vote in the upcoming US general election. 

A man in a crowd wearing a white T-shirt holds up a sign saying 'Russia get out of Georgia."

NATO agreed Georgia would join. Why hasn’t it happened?


The Republic of Georgia has been waiting to join NATO for more than a decade. Why hasn’t it happened?

Customers are shown lining up at the side of Refuge Coffee Company's truck.

What the world can learn from Georgia: Democracy is a process

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The gubernatorial election in Georgia got attention from across the world, but the hard campaign didn’t end Tuesday night. Now residents are working to figure out next steps.