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Insurance companies manage risk and the world has perhaps never faced a bigger risk than that of global warming. This analyst says insurance companies have always been at the forefront of major disasters and helping society adapt and he says insurance companies need to play a similar role with climate change. His study outlines new insurance products that could reduce greenhouse gases. Insurance companies in France, Israel and Japan are already driving some plans for driving which gives insurance payouts for less driving, meaning less chance of accidents as well as less release of greenhouse gases coming from the tailpipe. Still most insurance companies have been slow to react to climate change, which this analyst says is a loss of revenue for the insurance companies, especially in areas where climate change is already being felt, places like China, India, Africa. This insurance company says his company has begun insuring against droughts in 10 African companies, and it works against rain indexes, not proof of losses. This official says insuring African farmers against drought is better than helping them recover from drought. If you can insure the rain, you can insure the wind. One insurance company protects wind farms if the wind doesn’t blow. But this insurance company worker says this can be a huge risk and a murky area because 50 years in the future can’t be insured. Some areas just won’t be insured, like coastal areas in Florida.

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