picture of a college campus and palm trees in front

After Florida passes laws to limit Chinese influence in higher ed, this university is cutting its ties with China

Florida International University has cut ties with multiple Chinese academic partners and ended successful dual programs it’s operated in China for years. Officially, the move is to comply with a state law that limits public agencies having a relationship with seven “countries of concern.” University trustees remain tight-lipped about the decision, but WLRN’s Danny Rivero reports that these university programs appear to be victims of anti-Chinese rhetoric in Florida.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis arrives at the Foreign Office to visit Britain's Foreign Secretary in London, Friday, April 28, 2023.

Will Gov. DeSantis win his battle to dismantle DEI programs at state universities?

A mural with the words "Patria y Vida," or "Homeland and Life," a twist on the Cuban national motto, "Homeland or Death."

In Miami, Cuban American progressives promote civic engagement ahead of midterms

In 2010, Noreen Dertinger finally spotted her first loon chick on Lake Kennebec. Unfortunately, it did not survive the year.

Mysterious drop in loon population prompts cross-border collaborations in North America

The Castillo de San Marcos, one of the major heritage sites in St. Augustine, Florida,

Rising sea levels along Florida’s coast threaten to damage valuable archeological sites

Climate Change
Residents stand amid their homes damaged by a gasoline truck that overturned and exploded in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

‘Haitians deserve a chance to determine their own future,’ former US envoy says


Ambassador Daniel Foote — former US special envoy for Haiti — told The World’s host Carol Hills that the US, though moving in the right direction now, hasn’t been doing right by Haiti.

Farm workers wearing hats break up earth

Farmworkers who face extreme heat fear retaliation or deportation if they complain, says nurse

Human rights

Farmworkers are 35 times more likely to die from a heat-related death than other occupations. Roxana Chicas, a nurse and assistant professor at Emory University School of Nursing in Georgia, told The World’s host Marco Werman that more needs to be done to protect farmworkers’ rights.

A woman wearing a purple shirt is shown with her hands out stretched and shouting among a large crowd of people.

Protesters in Cuba are calling for the ‘end of the communist state,’ historian says


Lillian Guerra, who writes extensively on the politics of Cuba, has been following the protests from her home in Gainesville, Florida. She joined The World’s host Marco Werman to talk about the significance of protests over the weekend.

A visit to this farm near Cali, Colombia, inspired Mauricio Zuñiga to become a coffee exporter.

Colombian Deportado Coffee’s founder hopes to open a conversation about US immigration


Mauricio Zuñiga was deported to Colombia after living in Florida for four decades. Now, he exports specialty coffee to the United States. He hopes the name, Deportado Coffee, sparks conversations about the US immigration system.

Farmworkers wearing hats gather spinach from a field.

As temperatures heat up, farmworkers across the US push for more rights

Human rights

Millions of farmworkers across the US work under inhumane climate conditions, and are now pushing for more protections.