Haitians in America look back after one month

The World

Today marks one month since an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude shook Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At dawn on that first day, the capital was filled with dust, rubble and disoriented Haitians searching for loved ones. Today, the sun rises on a changed city, full of tents, foreign aid workers and the first signs of rebuilding.

We speak with Haitian-Americans in the U.S. Ricot DuPuy, station manager of Radio Soleil in New York; coordinator for the city of Boston’s referral and suport center, George Marie Jasmin; and Gepsie Metellus, executive director of a Haitian neighborhood center in Miami, tell us about their efforts to send help to Haiti over the last month. They also share what still needs to be done from afar in the months and years ahead.

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