In Argentina, annual inflation tops 100%, a 30-year high, with the cost of meat and fruit skyrocketing.

Argentines wage ‘mental war’ against inflation as prices double in a year

As annual inflation tops 100%, a 30-year high, with the cost of meat and fruit skyrocketing, many Argentines are keeping their savings in dollars to resist devaluation of the peso.

A black and white headshot of author Roberto Lovato

A Salvadoran American’s memoir ‘comes full circle’ on a family history of violence, struggle

Brayan Guevara, a 19-year-old college sophomore, will vote for in his first presidential election this November.

This first-time Afro Latino voter is undecided. His biggest issue? Education.

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People huddle outside glass doors in a big group

How Dorian’s destruction is hurting the Bahamas’ most vulnerable

A Mayan temple is seen on a foggy morning.

Mexico wants to run a tourist train through its Mayan heartland — should it?

Several people are shown on the beach next to large floating rafts with wooden tops.

Free passage is a way of life for Mexicans and Guatemalans on the border


Commuters and shoppers take the five-minute trip across the border on rafts of two-by-fours, fueling the cross-border economy between Suchiate, Mexico, and Tecún Umán, Guatemala.

A green military truck drives on a road.

State Dept. list of corrupt Central American government officials is a ‘sham,’ rep. says

US Diplomacy

After asking the US State Department for a list of corrupt government officials in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, some lawmakers are unimpressed with what they were given.

A group of migrants cross a shallow river and met with border agents in green uniforms.

Some Salvadoran migrants look to other nations for refuge as US tightens border


For some Salvadorans, the promise of the “American Dream” has been tainted by coordinated deterrence efforts from Mexico and the United States. They’re looking to places like Costa Rica for refuge — for now.

Two young women carry a small coffin between them. Black and white photo.

Why US-backed aid to Venezuela harkens back to a dark history of covert operations

Conflict & Justice

Under self-appointed interim President Juan Guaidó, Venezuela is poised to accept US humanitarian aid into the beleaguered country. But the history of US intervention in Latin America under the banner of democracy is fraught with connections to crimes against humanity.

An artist rendering of European soldiers disembarking from ships being greeted by two Indigenous men

European colonization of the Americas killed 10 percent of world population and caused global cooling

The “Great Dying” of Indigenous populations in the Americas after the arrival of Europeans is the largest human mortality event in proportion to the global population, putting it second in absolute terms only to World War II. The devastation of the population also caused a drop in atmospheric CO₂. During this period, severe winters and cold summers caused famines and rebellions from Europe to Japan.