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More people are running marathons than ever before. Why?

Lifestyle & Belief

Marathons around the world are filling up fast, and many are setting new records for participation. Runners and race directors across the globe share about why they choose to lace up.

"And this shall also pass II," by Nigerian artist Ngozi-Omeje Ezema, 2022, work from Kó gallery in Lagos, Nigeria.

After decades of being overlooked, African art gets its moment

A main street on the edge of Mea She'arim, a Haredi (religious) neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Neturei Karta: an Orthodox Jewish sect that doesn’t believe in the concept of a Jewish state of Israel

Israel-Hamas war
The cast of “Journey to the Rainbow” from Germany’s Circus-Theater Roncalli.

German circus meets the Big Apple

mopeds and motorbikes lined up outside of a hotel

A new underground gig economy is booming in New York City as migrants wait for work permits

Screenshot from "Cape Flats Kung Fu" by Eavesdrop.

‘Planet Hip Hop’: The music will always be the voice of the people, Samy Alim says

Planet Hip Hop

As we wrap up “Planet Hip Hop,” our summer series celebrating 50 years of hip-hop music around the world, H. Samy Alim returns to talk with host Marco Werman about the next 50 years. Alim is an anthropology professor and the director of the Hip Hop Initiative at UCLA. 

Migrants and asylum seekers attend the Sunday Spanish-language service at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Brooklyn, New York.

New York City urges migrants to find shelter elsewhere, but many don’t know where to turn


New York City has opened 188 shelters, including several humanitarian relief centers. But with 56,200 migrants currently living there, the shelter population is at an all-time high.

soldiers in rehab center

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers start new journeys on prosthetics


​​​​​​​Many Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have lost limbs and need to be fitted with prosthetics. A group of soldiers in New York City is receiving treatment, and they’re already thinking about what their lives will look like when they return home.

Haitian Musician and Voudo priest Erol Josué has a new album titled Pèlerinaj, which includes songs like “Rén Sobo,” “Ati Sole” and “Palave Maria" that invoke Voudo goddesses and saints.

Erol Josué’s new album Pèlerinaj highlights Haiti’s Vodou tradition and the artist’s own pilgrimage


The 18 tracks on “Pèlerinaj,” or “pilgrimage” in Haitian Creole, are a mix of sacred Vodou chants and traditional Haitian rhythms with funk, jazz, rock and electronic music.

Aïda Muluneh's "To pursue the ceaseless way," is exhibited on a bus stop in the Boston area. The photograph is part of "This is where I am," presented by New York-based Public Art Fund.

Aïda Muluneh’s public art photo exhibit is ‘a love letter to Ethiopia’

Ethiopian photographer and educator Aïda Muluneh is showcasing the culture of her birth country in a series of 12 photographs displayed at more than 300 bus stops across Boston, New York, Chicago and Abidjan, Ivory Coast.