Geo answer: Tempelhof airport

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Today’s Geo Quiz is coming in for landing.

We’re after the name of an airport today. It’s located in the center of the German capital, Berlin.

This airport was built in the 1920s and expanded under the Nazi regime. But its heyday came in 1948 and 1949.

That’s when the airport was used as a hub for the Berlin Airlift.

Allied pilots flew in supplies to break the Soviet blockade of the city.

That’s one reason many Berliners are fond of the place.

“The airport is unique historical place keep it the way it is, well its small fast cozy means a lot to Berlin and a lot to me.”

But Berlin’s oldest airport may soon be a thing of the past.

We’ll tell you why here…

We’re landing at our Geo Quiz destination now.

Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport is the answer.

It played a major role during the “Berlin Airlift” at the start of the Cold War.

City officials want to close the airport down — and a referendum on the issue was held yesterday.

The World’s David Leveille has more:

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