Street Art Gets Truckin’

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These Spanish freight trucks got an impressive artistic makeover. 

Boy sitting on cream sofa holding child's drawing, looking at it

A 3-year-old held up by Canada’s no-fly list? His parents say it’s ‘ridiculous.’

Global Politics
Taxi driver Gabriel Saad searches for passengers in Beirut.

Uber has met its match with Lebanon’s old-school carpool taxis

People walk past Stockmann shopping center in Helsinki, Finland, on May 6, 2017.

How one city plans to steer residents away from driving

Stockholm's highly-efficient subway system. Trains are known for running frequently and on time. They have large ridership but are not overly crowded because of the frequency of the trains.

US transportation is so far behind Sweden’s it’s not even funny


Why Mexico City’s bad air can’t be ignored — or easily fixed


The Mexican capital worked hard to shed its image as one of the world’s most polluted cities. Are those efforts now backsliding?

Buildings shrouded in smog in Mexico City

Mexico City residents are forced to cope with bad air


New restrictions have reduced the number of cars on the road, but that might not make much of a difference.

The Soulbury Stone sits in the middle of the road in Soulbury. But an auto accident forced locals to surround it with traffic cones as a stopgap measure to protect it.

This stone sits in the middle of a road — and people are just fine with it


The Soulbury Stone has rested in the middle of a road in the small town of Soulbury, England for 11,000 years. And if residents have their way, it will sit there for eternity.

A US-made AH-1W Cobra helicopter launches hellfire missiles during the annual Han Kuang No. 22 Military Exercise in Ilan county, 49 miles west of Taipei July 20, 2006

It’s not unusual to transport ‘dummy’ Hellfire missiles on civilian flights


The Hellfire missile that showed up on an Air Serbia plane and launched an international incident was insert. Turns out, it’s not at all uncommon for these inert, test missiles to be transported on civilian flights.

Stockholm has nine new Irish-made "Multihog" machines clearing the area's bike paths in winter.

Snow on the roads in Sweden — no problem


Last winter was a tough one in Boston. In Stockholm, they kept the trains running on time, all the time. Zero disruptions. So, what’s their trick?