Cold War

Satellite image of San Francisco.

Cold War ‘CORONA’ satellite images find second life in ecology research

Some of the more than 800,000 satellite images taken during the Cold War are being used by researchers to track biodiversity and species decline.

A view of a test missile launch with an American flag flying

‘World War C’: How did national security miss the coronavirus?

An elderly white man in front of a white background

Khrushchev’s son recalls Sputnik, Gagarin ascent in US-Soviet space race

Global Politics
a submarine surfaces with bird flying overhead

Nukes? What nukes? US military’s ‘neither confirm nor deny’ policy complicates activists’ trial

Two leaders sit at a desk signing a document.

How Trump’s exit from a Cold War-era treaty could trigger a 3-way arms race

flags of the US and China

The risks of a new Cold War between the US and China are real: Here’s why

Global Politics

Some think that Asia is on the cusp of a new cold war. If it were to happen, it would mean the rivalry that has been growing is transformed into overt militarized competition that drags the region into its vortex.

Morals on Film

Arts, Culture & Media

If you came of age during the 60s or before, you may remember short instructional films about what to do if a stanger talks to you, or how to behave if they drop the atom bomb. The Prelinger Archive has 48,000 of these films, chronicling American morals and mores in the last century. Here’s a […]

American Prometheus

Arts, Culture & Media

Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer led a team of thousands to create the first nuclear weapon. He was immediately hailed as an American hero, but after speaking out against the use of the bomb he was condemned as a traitor and maligned as a Communist spy. WNYC’s Sara Fishko examines how the epic and tragic arc […]

Nuclear Monsters

Arts, Culture & Media

Stanley Kubrick set out to make a serious drama about an accidental nuclear war, and ended up making the blackest comedy ever, Dr. Strangelove. Studio 360’s Arun Rath explains how the bizarre, over-the-top parody of Dr. Strangelove was actually closer to reality than any of us would care to believe.

The Bomb

Arts, Culture & Media

This week in Studio 360, the Cold War is over — but the atomic bomb still has a hold on us. Kurt Andersen talks with historian Richard Rhodes about how living with the threat of the bomb has changed us and our culture, high and low.